October 1, 1998

Open my ear, O Lord,
awaken me from my sleep,
thrust Your Mighty Hand from heaven and lift me!

ah Vassula, all heaven rejoices when from a mere creature a sound is heard in Our Celestial Courts ….

from dross I have turned you into silver, and from silver into the most exquisite of jewels; My child, let your eyes be fixed ahead; be like a graceful garland for My Head and fill My Heart with joy by enduring the hardships in silence for My sake;

men will often attack you, but they will never overcome you; your labours for My sake will never go in vain, but will yield fields of instruction, prospering generations;

May my tongue recite your Love Hymn,
May my lips proclaim Your Righteousness
and Your great deeds of Love;

My favour is upon you and you have My blessings;

ah, My child, words of hate fly all around Me, though I give no cause for hostility; 1 in return for My faithfulness they denounce Me;

But who withstood the might of Your Arm?

no one… no one withstood the might of My Arm; have I not shown My strength when people abused Me? I am known to confound the haughty by My absolute power; pray for the one2 who breathed out fire on his soul …

may this nation3 I so loved prosper in righteousness; remain in My Love and keep My Commandments; I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; listen Israel, He who scattered you is gathering you and I will be guarding you Israel4 like the pupil of My Eye;

so dear a son to Me, Israel, you have indeed accepted Me by the power of My Holy Spirit, may you prosper in My Divinity and in My Love; love Me as I love you; I tell you: I shall draw all people to Myself for in Me are Eternal Life and Glory; be one in My Name and follow Me in My Blood-stained footprints; ic;

Vassula, I, Jesus, am with you; your Maker and Redeemer who formed you is with you and on your side; allow Me to engrave on you the rest of My Love Hymn; rest in Me and I will rest in you so loved one;

I, Jesus, bless you; ic;

1 I understood that Jesus meant that His words in me can create hostility towards the hardened hearts.

2 In Rhodos, Greece, the Orthodox Vicar after finding out that a young Jewish man after reading “True Life in God” had asked to be baptised and join the Greek Orthodox Church, refused to give him the permission. We sent a lawyer friend of ours to plead with the Vicar, but the Vicar’s heart hardened even more, and said: “I shall not give the permission for baptism even if this matter causes me to go to hell.” This is why Jesus asks us to pray for the Vicar’s soul which he threw away in his folly.

3 Israel, but also all those Jews who discover the Truth and get baptised, and there are many.

4 For the newly baptised ones into Christianity.