October 15, 1998

Lord, give words to my ear and apply my heart to know them;
yes, because Your Word, Lord of Compassion,
is my delight, my joy, the knowledge of the sages;
have Your Word always ready on my lips;
fill my mouth with nothing else than this Celestial Manna;

ah Vassula, have I not written for you hundreds of pages of instruction and knowledge for you to be able to expound the Truth and with sound words to answer those who question you? I am righteous in all that My Hand undertakes; concentrate now upon Me for My glory, and do not let your mind dictate to you; let nothing come between you and Me; 1 have I not, in My divine munificence adorned your soul wherein I dwell? have you not seen the fruits of My graces?

My beloved, let the treasure I have entrusted you with be the salvation to many souls; by My Divine authority I have called you and commissioned you, in spite of your failings, to restore My House and My honour;

if it2 were not genuine would your soul, as well as of others be drawn to praise Me and long for lengthy contemplation on My Divinity, speaking graciously on My Perpetual Presence?

have I not clothed you with Myself, even in visible form? 3 and who, tell Me, reconciled you to the Father, showing you and through you the splendour and true image of the Father? and who instructed you that We4 are the Bridegroom of our creation?

the signs of My Graciousness I have shown you are many; be reassured, My beloved, that I have indeed called you at My royal banquet;

when the Bridegroom leads His bride into privacy to converse intimately and hold her on His Heart, bending towards her, after the Feast, would she object? …. would you object? so be active when I want you active and among crowds, but now pass your time with Me in a holy contemplation resting in Me, abandoning yourself to My good pleasure; do not think that you will be less fruitful; come enter into the Divine joy of your Saviour;

(Our Lord’s loving words reassured me.)

remember, My beloved, that true and pure theology is the contemplation of Me, your God and Lover of mankind;

be blessed;

1 A mere dark thought transgressed my mind: “What if I was wrong?” I wanted to be reassured.
2 This revelation.
3 The Lord means, when people have seen Him on me, and my face disappeared.
4 The Trinity.