August 29, 1998

Lord, Gracious One,
Come to me!
The bonds of death were all round me,
but You have stepped out of heaven
in Your Glorious manner and with Splendour,
and in Your royal munificence liberated me;

I had hands but they could not feel,
feet that did not walk,
a heart that did not beat,
and no sound ever came from my throat to praise You;
Yet, in Your faithful Love,
Lover of mankind, Bridegroom of Your creation,
You leaned all the way from the heights
towards me, the unworthy one, to revive me,
and to transform me into a song for You and Your House;

Behold, what You have done to a sinner,
without You thinking twice
that You might be risking to cheapen Your Works;
You have clothed Yourself in me1
so that You may parade me in Your Courts;
and with great glee You taught me Your precepts;
You taught me that Integrity should be used as my rod
fighting on Your side;

In Your Goodness You made me penetrate into Your motives
to be able to understand Your methods;
You have grafted me on Your Heart,
a gesture of espousals
so that You and I take pleasure in Your Divine Love;

You taught me to enter into Your Joy and to love You
so that when I speak of You,
I would speak of Your awesome Power,
recounting Your Greatness and Your munificence.

ah, Vassula, sing to Me and be My harp as well;

in My Love, I have given you life; watching over, in My care, every breath you took; My Word is Life; can anybody say:

“God has not acted;”

in the light of grace I have veiled you, to be Mine and in ceaseless contemplation on My Heart;

unlike others who receive My Word as a gift and whom I visit when I wish, I have given you a unique gift, this one of calling Me at any time you wish;

see? I have given you this special privilege in proportion to the task I have entrusted you with, and in proportion to My burden on you;

see, how I measured everything when I planned this? not that you were qualified in yourself for this most noble task of reviving and uniting My House; all your qualifications come from My bounty, they come from Me; I have made you the vessel that carries this immense treasure, frail, but clear, that such an overwhelming Power does not come from you but from Me, your God; I am dwelling in you, this is why there is no weakening on your part;

have I not the right to use you, serving as a reminder of My Mercy for the rest of you?

You invited me to Your Banquet…

I have invited you to My Banquet and through you many others ….

I am bound by the vows I have made to You
and I want to pay You the debt of thanks
and work faithfully for Your House;
for You have not only saved my life from death
but You have allowed me in Your folly of Love
to walk freely in Your Presence
any time and in any hour of the day
bathing me in Your Light;

You have bound me with bonds of Love and Friendship,
pressing me on Your Sacred Heart
so that no mortal can distract this divine union any more;

In Your exuberant Love,
You made me strong like a tower
towards those who storm over me;
terror assails them in broad daylight
at the sound of Your Holy Spirit, my Companion and my Joy…

My pillar, supporting My Cross of Unity, radiate the light of the Knowledge of My Glory, radiate in this darkness, the light of My munificence and do not fear; I have poured anointed oil in your mouth so that you may speak for Me; be My chantress, always of good cheer; sing to this generation by travelling round the world, relying on My grace;

let all those who by grace were called to read this Hymn of Love and led to taste this hidden manna, prosper, while still in their exile;

I grant to all those who have been called to read My Love Hymn with a contrite heart, sanctifying graces; may their hearts contemplate the glory of My Magnificence and My fatherly Love and see in Me not only an Almighty God, but also a God of Goodness, most loving and an intimate Friend; may their ears hear the sighs and groanings of My Heart and be reassured of My Clemency;

I have set a guard2 at your side, a watcher at the gate of your heart to watch that no intruder diverts you from your mission;

when you speak, My love, keep always to the point; yes, repeat all My sayings but in few words; set the jewels I have given you in each heart; let everyone know that My Conversations are sweetness itself;

I am with you; ic;

1 It means, “I am clothed with Christ”.

2 I understood, a special angel.