September 25, 1997

I invoke You, my Yahweh, my Father,
for I know that when I do,
Your Majesty would come in splendour
all the way from heaven,
descending in glory in my quarters;
to see You, my God,
in this inaccessible glory of Your Divine and infinite Light
is an incomprehensible splendour;
You, the Godhead, manifesting Yourself to me
and wanting to be united with me,
desiring to be known;
Only You, and You alone can reach me,
for the gap, this ontological abyss, between You and me
can be no more there;
Lord, You fill all things without being contained
neither by their limits nor by their very being;

(While I was still invoking Yahweh’s Name, suddenly, a figure of wonder, looking just like the Son of Man in His glorious Transfiguration, appeared to me; the Formless One took form; what mind is able to grasp or understand the One who encompasses all beings? Although the vision lacked completeness, 1 He made Himself be recognised, and I am conscious about it. The Unseen God allowed Himself to be seen to speak and listen as friend to friend; Invisible, yet face to face.)

Yahweh, the Lord of Lords,
appeared to me, vested in full splendour;
His heavenly robe shimmering and yet colourless;
glittering as though covered by diamonds and other precious stones;

And while I was staring, bewildered and mystified,
on this enchanting vision of grace and incomparable beauty,
when Yahweh, delicately emerged from behind the clouds,
doing it with such a graceful movement,
I felt my heart blossoming;

His Majesty reminded me of a bridegroom stepping out of a pavilion;
His Presence radiated a gracefulness
that even if I tried to describe it all my life I would never manage;

His Presence at the same time radiated love
and so much sweetness and tenderness
that my soul was swept to the ground;
His beautiful Head was leaning slightly to the right,
like those Sacred Heart statues;
You are beautiful, my God,
although I can only peer through a veil,
I see Your hair in dark locks reaching Your shoulders,
and Your beautiful Face, the pallor of ivory,
is enchanting to the eye;
Yahweh’s posture was though of someone timid,
but do not mistake me,
it was not timidity but a form of grace and majesty;

Oh Yahweh,
You who transcend greatness and fullness,
You who are the Godhead,
assumed a form in an inconceivable manner
to show Yourself to the unworthy one;
indeed, how can language express in words,
“the things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard,
things beyond the mind of man?”

Oh come and breathe over my garden2
and spread Your sweetness in my heart;
why, who am I to be able to contemplate Your figure?
How is it possible that You,
in such glory and such splendour,
be attracted to our misery?
You dazzled me and I am bemused
with Your Lordly Beauty;
What must it be like to contemplate You
all day long in heaven with our bare eyes?

How and where shall I find sufficient words
to describe Your Grace and Your Beauty?
Words surpass me,
especially that slight movement You made,
to step out from behind the clouds;
Should I invent new words of praise
to praise Your ineffable Beauty?
Human words of praise are nothing
and will never be sufficient ever
to express what I want to express.

In Your Pure Beauty, You hold me captive;
in Your charm, You leave me bemused and in rapture,
and like spring, You flower my heart;
with a single one of Your glances
and my soul feels wedded to my Creator;
My Creator who freed me with one single of His glances
and set me free and at large to proclaim His wedding song;

You guard me,
and while I am going
You spread sapphires on my path,
and like the pupil of Your Eye
You guard my soul;
I go through fire and when I come out of it, I am unharmed;
and when torrents of insults
pour on me, like slime, from the evil one,
Your right Hand upholds me,
with words sweeter than honey
and more intoxicating than wine,
while You cover my head with Your blessings,
adorning me like a queen;

And when my oppressors joyfully breathe
hostility and calumny all around me,
Your Majesty, like a flash of lightning,
sends me a cherub who lifts my soul
to mount him and soar on the wings of the wind;
then, in Your Peace and in Your smiles,
I gaze from above on those who keep hailing my death,
but who can never reach me,
while they tremble in their fury and rage;
no, not one enemy will ever be able to outwit my God;
why, He Himself shall crush my oppressors;

And now,
I stretch out my hands to You;
let everyone get to know that Goodness and Kindness
is our God thrice Holy.

I am in your midst; know, My little Vassula, that the poor will receive more from Wisdom than the rich, who glory in their glory which is no glory at all; I have anointed you with My oil, 3 so that in this baptismal oil I can obtain victories from you for My glory but also for your own sanctification;

In Your sweetness, let me obtain mercy from You.

I, the King of Glory and your Bridegroom as well, will satisfy the poor and you will obtain mercy and the same sweetness I have given to My Son;

come and hear Sovereignty whisper in your ear; come and write down My Words and treasure them; I am the Guardian of your soul and from My Lips you will hear no flattery but righteousness; come and lean your head on My Heart so that in that closeness you can obtain the revelation coming from the furnace4 of Love, and when you will hear Me, Choice-of-My-Son, your soul will not resist to pursue the path of righteousness and goodness; then you will find your joy in the end of this path;

have you not heard, delightful child, that I, Yahweh, your Creator, am wedded to My creation and am everyone’s Spouse?5 day and night you stumble along, creation, chasing the shadows, and not even once have you ever tried to penetrate into this mystery; if so many of you are perishing, it is because hordes of you have rejected My Knowledge; you have forgotten My teachings;

I looked at My seeds and asked Myself: “what am I to do with them? they are entrenched in their deceitfulness; how am I to make this lot, who cannot tell their right hand from their left hand, understand that I am their Bridegroom and all I want from them is love, not sacrifice; knowledge of My Heart, not holocausts nor solemn festivals;”

O royal household of Mine, you have bartered your glory for shame! have you not heard that I can lower the heavens to come down to you? have I not lifted up My Voice enough for your ear, creation? for how long are you going to chase the wind? for how long am I to see you pursuing shadows? come to Me! My Heart is like a Lamp to your feet and from My Lips moistened with grace and with the dew of divinity on them, flow rivers of grace and boundless calls of Mercy;

day and night, My loved ones, you stumble along the shadows; come to Me, and I will touch your heart so that your perversity melts away; then in the immensity of My Love I have for you, I will fall like dew upon you and My Divinity will overwhelm your misery, encompassing it to dwell permanently in My brightness, making out of you a vessel of light and one spirit with Mine;

ah, Vassula, 6 you whom I blessed with the unction of My Name, jealousy inflames My Heart every time your heart acts like dame folly and flutters away from Mine, pursuing frills and not My Divine power; I tell you, My loved one, keep your Bridegroom’s principles and bind them to your heart; these will warm your heart and will avert you from becoming distracted from the Presence of your Bridegroom who is only waiting to be gracious to you, Ever-so-loved-by-Me; and if I have asked you to disclose My wedding song7 by writing, it was because of My zealous love I have for each soul and because I wanted that My loved ones have enough nourishment while they are crossing this desert …. I have entrusted you with one talent, to procure for Us, 8 the equivalent amount; you have done well, because you have shown to Us, in your ardour to please Us, your faithfulness;

so now have your retreat in Us; have your retreat in My Heart, and taste, like in former times, the intimate delights of My Heart; may the essence of My Love flow like a river into your heart so that all your tiny infidelities by which they raised My Eyebrow, be washed away;

behold, now I am imprinting My words on you, for the salvation of so many sinners; I have come to you with gentleness, My bride, for the renewal of the mystical Body of My Son;

behold now I, your Creator, am calling you, for I have espoused you to Myself, so that in Our union I would have the pleasure to adorn you with faithfulness and with ardour; yes, on this fragile clay, I have imprinted My Name all over you since that day when your soul called out to Me: “Abba!” and from thereon I have straightened your path on earth and taught you how to delight in Me by being ever at play in My Presence;

know, My Vassula, how I desired that you love Me with all your heart and how I longed to turn your whole life into a permanent longing and thirsting for Me, your God; I wanted to show you My Kingdom and My nuptial chamber where, in privacy, we could delight one another; I, your Bridegroom, aflame with love, would converse intimately with you, teaching you the knowledge of holy things; and you, cleaving yourself firmly to My Heart, would be aspiring grace from the breath of Omnipotence, so that you would not cease to be;

no, My chosen one, our intimate union is not like the memory of a one-day guest; I will not cause you to trouble your heart by withdrawing My intimate union from you; I will take care of your frailty, My Vassula; see, My beloved one, how I desired to draw you to Me as a lover who draws his loved one in privacy;

I, who am the Lover of mankind, Spouse of My creation, wish to draw you now to Me …. take a retreat in Me9 …. why, you must have heard sometimes how the bridegroom longs to be alone with his bride after the wedding? I am offering you this favour as a prelude to our feast; 10 yes, on that day when you responded to My Divine Will …. and by opening your heart to My Call, I enriched it from Mine so that later on you would grain everywhere those treasures; those treasures are seeds11 you are obtaining from Me, whereby you were to sow them in the countries I would be sending you;

that day when you submitted to My Divine Will, allowing Me to govern your life, I stood affectionately in front of you, inviting you with these words: “it is impossible for a soul to love Me, the way I want her to love Me were she to keep her distance from Me; approach Me and taste My delights; I wish you to become intimate with Me; if you remain far from My embrace, you will be unable to get to know Me;” 12 I have, in our intimate union and the unction of My Love adorned you with Knowledge: Knowledge of how to find Me and get to know Me;

since I have chosen you amongst thousands, you should not doubt any more; act in humility so that I continue to raise you up to Me …. I have washed your hands and your mouth, so that by your hands, cleansed, they would write My Words and keep My books, and by your mouth I would fragrance every nation; through My grace, I adorn13 your soul with the garment of My strength but above all I, My Vassula, adorned you with My magnificent Works of Wisdom so that from My beloved’s lips, anointed by My Sovereignty, We14 would hear praise and honour for Our Trinitarian Holiness; 15

continue to proclaim a Resurrected Christ and fill the whole world with fruit; tell them that Christ in His Divine Love is bending down from Heaven to revive by His Presence the work of My Hands; 16 with this encouraging news, hordes of nations will come to know Us in an intimate union; tell them, daughter, how We delight when We are also treated as your Holy Companion in your daily life ….

speak as My envoy and remind My people that I, Yahweh, am alive and active, then, go to those17 sacerdotals who do not seek Me anymore and ask them: “why are you never asking: where is God?” in My Day I will pronounce My judgment against these shepherds, who have no knowledge of Me and who have never tasted interiorly My sweetness; today these shepherds have exchanged Me for something that has no value nor any power in it; to remember My Presence is what they should observe; I am not observed …. how can I say: “they are My Son’s incense;” when their only fragrance is the smell of death?

I have given you, creation, twelve years18 of ineffable favour and I did not want to act with speed in My wrath; to comfort you in these years of favour I have spoken, I have bound up hearts that were broken and have put Peace in those hearts; My Own Heart is a Fountain of Living Water immersing, in these years of favour, this dry land, giving growth where dross was only to be found;

– I always wished to rank you as My Own; in these days, I tell you, I who am the Bridegroom of My creation, call each one of you: My wedded one; why those frowns and menaces on the sweetness of My Mouth? 19 unhappy little creature, remote from knowing Me, come! I invite you to fall into your Bridegroom’s embrace and I will show you how I, Yahweh, can adorn your spirit, lavishly offering you a flow of My Divine Love so that you, in your turn return to Me this flow of Love;

then, wait and see, the day I will draw you into the nuptial chamber of My Heart, like a rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse, you will blossom to declare the greatness of My Name, calling Me: “my Father”; in the nuptial chamber of My Heart, your heart will spring up with praises and as the bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will I rejoice in you and you in Me; My mighty Hand will uphold you and you would never want to part with Me again; indeed, your spirit, enriched by My sweetness and fullness of My Spirit, will cry out to all nations: “beauty and glory is to be found in our Creator! our Hope and our Lord!”

daughter-of-My-choice, hear and write: I wish you to bear witness to My Holiness and My Divine Sweetness, be like a loud book, a book written by the Triune God; but for now, I want you for Myself alone; I want to be with My chosen one and ride the skies with you, lifting you from the hardships of those who hail your death daily; I wish now to lift you from turmoil and unrest, rivalry, jealousy and lack-of-love; then, in your contemplation while you will be reposing your head on My Bosom, I will be augmenting in your heart My Divine teachings;

you will learn to do good all the days of your life, and you will grow thus in My Heart, giving a sweet smell like the lilies; and when I would be sending you abroad to different nations you will spread your fragrance on them and it will be received like a blessing because you would be growing in My Heart;

behold, I have been clothing you with My Son, Jesus Christ’s Countenance, 20 so that they understand that you are My Work, granted to them by My Grace to be echoing Me; so continue to be My Echo, let My Words be flowing like wine from your lips, inebriating the hearts of My sons and daughters;

I am and remain still full of wonderment, on Your Beauty;
in the night of my soul You appeared, a figure of wonder,
like the Son of Man in His Transfiguration,
O Triune Bridegroom, full of grace and sovereignty,
fairer than all the angels put together,
what does all of this signify?
By what inspiration Your Heart made You look at me?
But I will dare say what I wanted:
By what folly of Your Love
Your Heart made You look at my wretchedness?

Most unworthy as I am,
here You are, reminding me of our matrimonial bonds,
drawing me even deeper now in Your Heart
to savour the delights that lie within It
so that I can obtain the flow of Your Divinity
and keep me alive;

daughter, if I have poured and am continuing to pour out My grace on you it is because I want your soul to be fairer and brighter every day that passes by until it reaches the perfection desired by Me; I can then say, “this heart has given Me back all that I required and I have obtained great victories from it; I have obtained at the same time great pleasure from it and through My grace, I will continue to multiply on this heart My favours and My gifts so that it can continue to sing My Hymn of Love to every nation;” I will continue to pour out in your heart My delights and consolations, like someone pouring water from a jug into a glass, so will I fill your heart with My Love; 21

A shadow passed my thoughts, and I was thinking again of those who, my Lord, calumniate Your message, with frenzy; especially Your language of love.

pray for those, and bless your persecutors to be able to obtain Mercy in the day of Judgement; flesh and blood will always brood evil and take pleasure in doing evil; these same souls do not talk about My sweetness nor of My Divinity because their minds do not know how to separate My Divine sweetness from their own flesh and blood’s desires; no, they do not see that there is a difference; when I speak, My dove, with My Lips that are moist with grace, holiness and sweetness, they do not understand My sayings and cannot fathom My purity in My Magnificence; their hearts are so hard that it becomes impossible for them to fathom the brightness and the Divinity of My Heart; this is why these hearts are eclipsed from My Light, and in their perishable body and thought they accuse Me that My Words are excessive and sentimental; these are of whom I say: “they are strangers to Me and they do not know Me …”

ah, My delicate soul, you have tasted My sweetness in My Divinity and I have procured for your soul the taste of My Magnificence and now look at you, look at the immensity of your thirst for Me; I have, My bride, as a Bridegroom newly married, shown you how to be intimate and at ease with Me, for nothing is dark in My company; and so many have learnt from you and I have obtained great triumphs from the grace I have given you; when your heart is bound to Mine, there is no darkness, but delight and joy all the days of your life;

You who stepped out of Heaven,
like a bridegroom coming out of his pavilion,
have shown me Your Face,
to enjoy Your sweetness; 22

Let the gossip of the wicked
hear and learn from David’s psalms
that their hostility against the sweetness of Your Language
is groundless;

Let them learn by reading Your psalms
that You are the Psalm of Your psalms,
and that Your Words, Lover of mankind,
are sweeter than honey,
even than honey that drips from the comb; 23

For this,
by the mere memory of the vision given to me
in Your immense graciousness,
my soul melts and is swept away, once more, to the ground;

What shall I add to this?
What can one add to such a sublime vision?
But Your generosity deigned to reveal Yourself
to someone as unworthy as myself;
this was a free gift of Your great love;

You did not need to take permission from anyone;
You wanted to show Yourself,
Your blessedness, Your charm, Your radiance,
Your perfect beauty and Your sweetness;

Great is Your Greatness
and I shall not ever forget this sweet vision
that has been imprinted in my memory.

I delight in souls who allow themselves to be lifted by Me …. ah, Vassula, I wish to bring every soul close to My Heart and have it grafted on Me, in the same way I have brought you to be close to My Heart;

this is why, My child, I am tracing ever so graciously a path so that everyone can follow it; a path of righteousness that leads to Me; for this reason, I, as a young bridegroom in love, am in love with My creation: the Work of My Hands; and I will expose to every creature the flame of My Heart, whether friend or foe;

today, many of you scrutinise My Love and My sweetness, modelling Me according to the passions of your flesh; I tell you: they who know Me observe holy things holily; these will be adjudged one day, holy; but as for those who do not know Me and do not observe holy things holily, they will be adjudged as they merit it;

My Heart is pulsating with calls of love to love, and again I say: whether friend or foe you are all invited to partake the delights of My Heart and when you do, you will realise how you belittled Me all your life, how you belittled My Magnificence by your very weak nature and your worldly inclinations and by having believed that your exterior pleasures and delights, desired by your flesh, were lordly and great; these delights and pleasures of your flesh can never be measured with My Divinity and sweetness; your delights to Mine are like a grain of sand in the universe when compared to the bliss you can obtain from My sweetness that would lead you to eternal joy;

and you, Vassula, you who have entered into the delights of Our Trinitarian Holiness and have come to understand Our tender affection and Our infinite Love, We rejoice for having accepted voluntarily to lay Our Work upon you, hence becoming a living altar, increasing Our joy; We have converted you and led you to contemplate a Spousal contemplation in the intimate union of Our Oneness; then, We sent you out of Our embrace into the wilderness to defend the Truth; but now, after your hard labours, We want you to repose on Our Heart and have the leisure of contemplating Our Trinitarian Holiness; in this intent repose you will be suckled by Our Divinity;

today again I offer you My Heart and as a bridegroom who steps out from his pavilion to join his bride, I, stepped out to join My Heart to yours and take My pleasure in you, and exchange in our caresses our mutual love; let it be as in heaven:

Love for love,
Heart for heart;

yes! you have not refused to acknowledge Me as Father, in My Triune Holiness; and like a vessel that carries water, your heart, after acknowledging Me, was filled with My Living Water to bring it to perfect the virtues I would be offering it; My Works would be sterile were I not to perfect you in your love; of what use would have been your works to Me, and what sort of honour would it have been for Me, were they to be offered without you freely giving Me your entire heart first; indeed, come and learn the meaning of these words: “what I want is love, not sacrifice; what I want is knowledge of Myself, not holocausts;” I shall not be hard on anyone so long as I find readiness in them; have you not heard: “a man is acceptable with whatever he can afford;” so, you who read Me and are My Work too, come to Me, as you are, and I, in My perfect Love, will perfect you;

I shall ravish your heart so that I may obtain from it the rarest and the most delicate fragrances; then like someone stretching upwards his hands holding a golden bowl full of incense, to perfume My Holiness, I will lift your heart, holding it upwards, letting those rarest essences swirl out on the earth, spreading your sweet fragrance all around Me, delighting Me, and delighting all the saints and angels in heaven;

My joy will be such that it will be taken as a wedding dance; 24 while My angels’ mouths will be filled with laughter and their lips with song; and I, exulted with joy, in your nothingness, I would turn your heart into a jewel, and with My Hands still outstretched, lifting your heart, I would anoint you, My jewel, and bless you;

and like I had once placed you with tenderness into your mother’s womb to be nourished and to grow, I will place you in My Heart to nourish your soul with My Divinity, allowing you to grow with My Holiness;

this will be the proof of My Love to you; and you will get to know Yahweh, your Bridegroom, thrice Holy, as never before; then, your soul will be cleaved so profoundly on My Heart and in Me, that you will never forget Me because your soul would have fallen voluntarily captive to My charms;

and I, who only act out of love, will fasten your little heart on integrity, willingness and love, and enflame it with divine fire; I will make you taste My sweetness by having you share with My Son Jesus, the One nearest to My Heart, Our Blessedness, inviting you to enter into the True and Unique Knowledge of Our Triune Deity; this Knowledge of Ourselves will teach you that We can give you back your divinity, divinising your soul to enter into Eternal Life; and that Our Divine Light can glitter too into your soul and body to live in Our Light and in Us;

then, My beloved one, I will enrich your soul with graciousness, and while I will be hiding you in My Heart, I will take away your sins, so that you move in the Spirit and breathe the inspirations of My Heart, while I will be engraving you with the seal of consecration, anointing you with My Holy Name; then, you will no longer belong to yourself but to the One who moves you in union in Our Oneness;

I, the Most High, Bridegroom of My creation, will show you such fullness of love and tenderness that your soul will taste what it is like in heaven while you would still be on earth; My sweetness will be such that you would be as though inebriated with wine, because you would be tasting the Almighty’s Love, this Love which would be like a paradise of blessing and which will adorn your soul with more than glory;

– feel the greatness of My Love, Vassula; I have chosen you out of all the living and made a lily out of you, allowing you to hear My Voice; I entrusted you with this Work to enlighten this dark and apostatised world; I have sent you out to fragrance with My Work the wilderness of My creation and shine upon them My decrees and My Law, and the world, one day, would see in you My supreme power and would say: “truly, God is hidden with you,” but they would be saying it to your departed spirit; yes!25 you are, indeed, a true witness of the Most High, because I have made your mouth a sharp sword;

My God! Sometimes I feel I am hemmed in by my oppressors, even during the night I see the fangs of those who would want to devour me, fabricating falsehood to see me condemned. O help me against the proud! For how long will You keep their eyes shut?

until your Service to Me would be completed and the Ceremony would come to its end;

– My Eyes were always drawn to man of humbled and contrite spirit, and I, who am known to bring to birth, I will bring My creation to a rebirth, blessed by My Holy Spirit, as never seen before in history; My Flame within My Heart will be your purification, creation, and this will be executing My judgement; 26 this will be done so as to remove your veil and see Me clothed in glorious beauty and holiness; I will be executing My act of love27 so that I win you to Myself;

then you, in your turn, will turn to Me; you too will become a witness of My Love; and when people, surprised with your change of heart will ask you the reason for your humble behaviour, you will reply: “I have learnt from my Father; I have listened to my Spouse and so I have become a son of light; my God is my Light, and eternal life is that we should know Him as the only True God and Sovereign of all creation; then, My friends, you too will belong to the Spouse for ever and ever;”

ah, generation, have you not heard My Son, Jesus Christ, say to you: “the hour will come – in fact it is already here – when the dead28 will hear the Voice of the Son of God and all who hear it will live; for the Father who is the source of life, has made the Son the source of life;” 29 so why are you afraid in these evil times of the profusion of Our Riches of Our Heart, poured out on you? why are you astounded at My marvels of today? are We not the Source of Life?

the mountains totter with the smell of death that rises from My creation and the waters roar and seethe in agony when they hear My agony when I see My Own seed dying together with this world that disintegrates in sin and wickedness; should We then bind Our Mouth? We are the Source of Life and from this Source, Our Heart stirs yours with Our Noble Theme: We will address Our Hymn of Love to this dying generation and whosoever listens, is blessed; whosoever listens to it will grow tall and strong too like a tree because its root will be growing in My Commandments and My decrees;

– not long ago, I planted a seedling, 30 today it grew into a tree and its top reached the sky, tasting now and then the essences and the fragrant breeze of heaven; now it is known in every nation, since it is seen from the ends of the earth and from every direction; its green foliage is medicinal and as a healing balm for the sick, but at the same time an appeasing fragrance to the poor and the wretched; I have been blowing kisses to it to increase its fruit and perfect it; in its beauty its fruit, abundant, is marked with the Seal of My Holy Spirit; every nation, no matter what race and from where they come can reach it and have their fill from it; its produce is enough for all; even to the unworthy this tree can provide shade and comfort;

I am its Keeper; I have seen, so many times, men creeping and slithering by night, with fire in their hand, to put alight My tree and destroy it, but since I had foreseen all of this, to protect it, I had gathered armies of My Angels, long before this happens, to have it drenched with the dew of heaven;

I have swept away My enemies as you have seen; so do not say, My beloved: “but will not the eagle break my root and snap up my fruit so that all the new leaves will wither in one go when they shoot?” no! 31 no, My tree, I tell you, you will keep growing and will continue to bear fruit