October 26, 1997

Lord, Father and Master of my life,
do not let temptation grip me to doubt;
there is in my heart a desire that,
blazing like a furnace,
cannot be quenched until it is slaked;
the desire of drawing souls to You,
but temptation grips me to doubt
that You have indeed opened my mouth
and raised me up in Your Courts;

I am your Fortitude; senseless little child, have you not understood? I am the One who fills you with My Knowledge; I am the Holy One who fills your heart with joy; it is I, your Father; never mind about your bewilderment; pray with your heart to Me; trust Me and allow yourself to be immersed in the Ocean of My Mercy; satisfy My thirst for souls;

Goodness and Mercy are a light to your feet; I have manifested My Love to you so that you understand Me; be like a loud book and speak, utter what I uttered to you; break the silence of death and quote My Words; make Me known to those who never sought Me, to reflect upon, that I Am who I Am, is their Bridegroom; this is a mystery defying not only the apostates but also all those who, although they preach My Word, have never met Me and do not know Me;

I, your Lord, Father, Bridegroom and Master of your life, bless you in Our Trinitarian Holiness; see? in My Name too, bless My people;