January 28, 1997

O Lord,
give me Your Strength
to proclaim Your Word with fervour,
So many are waiting anxiously
to hear Your Loving Word
and listen in silence and in thirst;

Let Your Words drop on them,
one by one to refresh them,
Look how they are in Your assemblies,
open-mouthed, as if to catch the year’s last showers;
For the sake of Your great Love,
let Your rain fall on lands where no one lives
and make out of a sterile land, gardens;
give drink to the lonely wastes,
making grass spring where everything was dry;

Come, in Your Lordly style,
and drive frantic the proud of heart;
come and pull down, with Your Royal Sceptre,
the haughty from their thrones
and exalt the lowly, the meek;
then toss me out in the tempest,
for my confidence in You is complete;
and my hope of safety as well;
I fear no harm, beside me Your Lordly Presence is there,
singing ballads to me about Your Triumphs;

and while You are laughing,
Your laughter sounding like running streams,
You lift me on Your Wings
to ride the skies and be alone with You
so that You whisper to me the secrets of Wisdom;

My Guardian and my Delight,
You give me more joy to my heart
than others ever knew,
for all the treasures and kingdoms of the world

Joy of my heart,
show us all the light of Your Holy Face!

daughter, I give you My blessings and My peace;

I will do marvellous things, for I will draw water from the springs of My Heart; and your feverish faces will be refreshed; I will be your shade from the heat of this tempest you are in; I will come, daughter, in My Lordly style and in My magnificence to overthrow the proud of heart; and because I have set My throne in you, daughter, you shall not be mangled in this tempest; your Loved One will carry you on His Wings to ride the skies while pouring on you, like rain, words of Wisdom from My Heart; 1

and now your Guardian and your delight asks you to lean on His Heart …. ah, My beloved, what makes you run away from My invitation? I am your Maker and I have the right to invite2 you to rest in Me after your labours? your mouth ceaselessly proclaimed the Truth in all My assemblies, and from your lips came praise and honour for Me, your God; your eyes never turned away from My Presence, but observed My ways, may you be blessed for making your Maker so happy!

then at the sound of My Name, your ear was opened and every word coming from My Mouth was heard like a melody in you, like a thousand cantors chanting their hymns, so was My Word heard in your heart when you opened your ear to receive My sweetest psalms; by lending Me your ear just a little, you received Wisdom’s sayings so that I, the Lord, may be remembered in My Mercy by all of you; no one could say: “He has left us in the fangs of the Enemy…”

ah… then I asked you to be generous and offer Me your heart as a token of your love; quick to be generous, My loved one, you gave it to Me placing it quickly into My Divine Hands, so that I, in My turn, fill it with love, steadfastness and constancy; since then, I swore to keep your heart for Myself alone, and guard it like the pupil of My Eye;

and while My Eyes were gazing at this frail heart, I said: “from this frailty My Word will be heard saying to all nations: ‘God is near you, He will free all those who call Him; and for all those who thirst, He will give water; He will have pity on the poor and feeble and He will save the lives of many before His great Day comes;'”

because of your generous offering I promised to make out of your heart an exultant sacrifice; “I, her Maker and Spouse, 3 will sing to it My closeness so that this heart would seek only My Holy Face, and by drawing it into My Sacred Heart, it will repulse all that is not Me, but will thirst and desire all that is Me;”

your heart will be eager then to wait on Me, your God, centering all your affections you have had elsewhere, on My Royal Heart alone; yes, all your dispositions, your indispositions, your delights, your sorrows, your joys, your anguishes, your pastimes, your tears, everything, yes everything would be offered to My Heart as someone offers to the loved one, a bouquet of roses; this is what I yearn for, from each one of you, from the very core of My Heart;

having then directed your heart in Mine, I knew that in this closeness I would find My comfort and My delight; to rejoice your soul, I would hide none of My secrets from you; My Hands in which you placed your heart are sensitive and compassionate, My beloved, so do not fear … 4 stretch out your hands towards the Sanctuary …. 5

I have given you a pair of hands which I kissed and anointed with a blessing so that they pluck out the thorns encircling My Heart; I have blessed them so that they do not weary of writing and remain bound to Mine for all eternity; I have anointed them so that in the end of the ceremony, 6 those hands will set a crown of glory on My Head; have you not read: “work from skilled hands will earn its praise;” 7 what can I give in return to you, My chosen one, for all the miles you have made for Me, and for all the hours your feet stood, for My sake, in My assemblies?

For my hunger You gave me
bread8 from Heaven,
for my thirst You offered me
living water spurting from Your Breast;

You have been gracious and loving to me,
abounding in goodness,
and You have never forsaken me.

I grew in Your Courts
where You courted my soul
and all that I have obtained came from You;
You spoke heart to heart with me
and allowed me to possess You,
and as a lamp shining above my head
You lighted my way to show me by which way I should go;

Blessed be You, my Lord and my God
from everlasting to everlasting;
You have provided me;
why should I then have the honour
to be given something in return of Your own deeds?

true, I have provided you with everything, but the fruits of your labours have touched My Heart; you have served Me voluntarily and with these precious offerings I can only be touched; so let Me offer you a retreat and a pilgrimage in My Body ….

Is this what Your Sacred Heart desires?

yes! yes …. come, you will have your rest in My Body; forget yourself in Me so that you take your resources from My Feet upwards; just I and you, approach Me you who desire Me and replenish yourself from Me; I will offer you this retreat and this pilgrimage in the gardens of My Body; I will accompany you everywhere and all the way to My nuptial chamber of My Sacred Heart where I always lead My chosen ones to exhale on them My charms like a scent of choice myrrh; while they repose their head on My Sacred Heart I refresh them from the living water from My Breast; and like concord between brothers and sisters, like a husband and wife who live happily together, we will enjoy each other’s presence; 9

come, My loved one, from My Feet obtain strength so that your own will not feel any burden heavy to carry; when you walk in My foot-prints which will be your guide to follow My Principles, your going will be unhindered; when you are having your pilgrimage in My Feet, as you walk you will never set your feet on the path of the wicked nor will you walk the way that the evil go; but My Feet will lead you to avoid and turn your back on all evil, and pass it by; have your pilgrimage in My Feet where they would take you to tread on a levelled path where all the ways are made firm; you will turn neither to right nor to left, but will keep your feet clear of evil and far from straying from the way of Truth;

and in this pilgrimage, My loved one will cry out to My angels and to My saints:

“how right it is to love Him!”

then I shall draw you back again into My nuptial chamber to show you how I look after My own and make you taste My sweet Love …. why this shade on your eyes, My love?

What will my own Orthodox people say to all of this! 10 Here You are, pouring oil on me, behind and in front of the walls of Your Sacred Heart, yielding Your perfume on me, while embracing me with Your right Arm. They are not used to such talk!

they will get used to it as soon as their soul goes to heaven …. do you want that My Messages spread out quickly?

Yes Lord, I would like that no one is prevented from hearing Your Message; I want what You want: I want that everyone lends an ear to Your melodies, so that everyone can say: “I am like a son and daughter to the Most High, whose love for me surpasses my mother’s.” (Si. 4:11)

so come and be like a sensible daughter and have your rest and replenish your soul from the Sources of My Sacred Heart; did you not hear before, how I take care of My own? I want to train you spiritually in My Body, and to make you strong to love sincerely and learn self-control; I am like a mother feeding and looking after her own children; you need feeding right now, My dove, to gain strength and grow in My Love ….

I made you responsible for delivering My Love Hymn to all nations and you still have a long way to go; but before you go out again, My sister, you must remain for a while with your eldest Brother to train your mind in His; 11

I invite you now, in the nuptial chamber of My Heart; even if you are troubled or worried, My beloved, in My Heart you will find your peace because I will remind you that nothing ever can come between you and My Love; I will reveal My beauty to you so that your soul succumbs to My charms, then in your ardour to possess Me you would offer yourself to Me, but then I, I would have already sealed your forehead with My matrimonial kiss;

show Me your hands …. then look at Mine …. come and have your pilgrimage in My Hands; My Hands have done many good works that are not recorded in The Book; 12 no king has ever been known to have served his subordinates as I, who am the King of kings, served; “My state was divine, yet I did not cling to My equality with God but emptied Myself to assume the condition of a slave;” 13 I shall know My own in this way, when they will empty themselves and follow My divine Will;

give Me your hands, My Vassula, so that I inscribe in them My Instructions and the Work for your salvation; I have anointed them so that they, in their turn, anoint the sick and the weary; I have blessed them that they offer Me good deeds unsparingly and I have kissed them over and over again to give them strength and continue to snatch souls from the Evil one and bring them to Me; My own Hands have shaped and modelled yours so that they offer Me incense and sacrifice; you will learn in this pilgrimage of My Hands how I served faithfully and performed works that no one has ever done;

My beloved, then, will rest by My Springs14 again; there, while your head will be leaning on My Royal Heart, your right hand held in Mine, I will be crowning you with My Love and Tenderness, filling your soul with consolations, renewing you like an eagle, I will be refreshing you so that your years do not dwindle away like a shadow; and while My gaze would never be leaving you, delighting to love she who loves Me, remembering all those instants when you were ever at play in My Presence; and others when moved by the Spirit you would cry out to Us: “Abba!” I would be making sure that you would be continuing to be giving Me undivided attention and love;

in My desire to be loved I will hold you captive in My Heart; and as a watchman posted on a tower I will look out for any intruders; I will be guarding you, My love, like the pupil of My Eye … and you, in your delight noticing My eagerness to keep you for Myself, you would run to hide yourself in the shadow of My wings, like chicks running to hide under the wings of their mother, you would crouch in My warmth and I would keep you in the warmth of My Heart;

then, once again, I and you would go out again, I will take you in the garden of My Mouth, there you will have your pilgrimage and you will learn in this pilgrimage, how distraught I could be when your mouths who receive Me, 15 infect your spirit and your soul by poisonous words on one another; learn from My Mouth the Truth and proclaim only the Truth all around, so let your mouth honour Me, praising Me night and day; let your mouth sing to Me, smile at Me, let it sound like a million melodies in My Ears, like the sweetest psalm of the psalmist; let your mouth be like a double-edged sword, to pull down the heresies and the traitors in My Church, but among all those who thirst for Me let your mouth be My echo and like sweet wine, teaching everyone how to win My friendship;

from My Mouth you will learn, My dove, Instructions, to speak as I wish you to speak and express thoughts according to My mind, then you will pass on these learnings to others without reserve; then again like a dove which would creep in its cote to have its rest, I would call you to rest in the nuptial chamber of My Heart, while My searching gaze would be in search of your eyes;

My Lord,
You look after me as nobody else does;
You are my Inestimable Treasure,
and nobody and nothing else in the whole world
gives me so much joy as You.
One glance from You and my spirit burns like fire,
and my heart melts like wax.
One glance from You and my soul is ravished
by the depth of Your Love;
Your glance, my Holy One, is like a royal wedding song,
it’s like the scent of a bouquet of lilies wafted to me by the breeze,
Your glance is like a Citadel with ivory towers all around …

daughter-of-the-King, 16 see how your King is waiting to take His joy in you? your God has anointed you with His Lips; My Lips are moist with grace and My Lips will sing songs of salvation to you so that we repeat them together to the royal sons and the royal daughters17 of the King, that they may learn to give Us18 the right praise and honour too;

then …. the days of virtues19 will flourish filling the heavens and the earth with Our Glory; 20 My sister! let your eldest Brother now carry you to have your pilgrimage in His Eyes so that your soul may contemplate the perfect light, the principal lamp of the body; I had said that the lamp of your body is the eye and that if your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light, but that if your eye is diseased, your whole body will be all darkness; beware then that the light inside you is not darkness lest you will be learned in evil and you would not know it; the storm wind itself is invisible, and when evil works, it works in darkness to go undetected ….

My Eyes have seen many such things; for these pray and say:

“O Lord of all holiness,
preserve for ever from all profanation
Your sanctuaries21
by purifying in Your Sacrificial Blood,
their inner self from dead actions;

– do not allow your eyes rest on any misconduct but lift them to heaven and I will show you the light of My triune Holiness to contemplate, each minute of your life, Our Face, that will be turned towards you;

enter into My Eyes, 22 so that you see things the way I see them, do not think that I will hide away from you those fearful sights that bring Tears of Blood in My Eyes; since I have brought you to live a true life in Me, I will show you these abominations so that you pray more; in My Body lives the fullness of divinity, and yet many of My Own are persecuting Me because of My divinity; use My Own Eyes23 to read My Word to establish in you the perfection that comes through faith in Me; speak now to My Heart, My chosen one ….

What can I say?
Of what can I speak to Your Heart?
It is You who valued me beyond price;
it is You who cured my eyes; 24
My perfect One,
it was You who told me of Your faithfulness;
it was You Yourself who brought me
to Your Royal Courts, to walk freely in them;

how I wanted to rank you with My own and give you My Body25 …. I wanted so much to heal your disloyalty and count you as one of My brides …. My burning desire was to make Myself known to you in a most intimate way and show you the True God, the living God, the everlasting King;

“let26 not this world reduce My lily to silence, let not their conspiracies affect her or touch her soul but let My psalms continue to be for her and for all those who hear them like a wedding song, that they get to know the Triune True God who is Father of All;”

now, My lily, I will give constant cause for you to say:

“My Lord is great!”

you may come now in the nuptial chamber of My Heart; 27

have you not read: “joy for all who take shelter in Me, endless shouts of joy!” 28 and “my joy lies in being close to God;” 29 come to Me then, the Spouse invites you, you who look after My Own Vineyard, come and prosper in My Presence, and you will praise My Love above all; and again at the sight of the splendour of My Sacred Heart, your heart will succumb in My charms, remembering like an echo My appearance30 in your childhood, when I exerted all My charms to draw you to Me; and while I was drawing you to Me, My citadel, I said: “I will refresh My citadel from the river of My Heart and I will sanctify this citadel to keep My dwelling place from falling;” and your King exhaled on you His Breath like a delicate fragrance, then without any further delay I imprinted My Holy Face on yours, Face on face, sealed for all eternity;

pause a while and reflect on these words …. may My words give you pleasure ….

You are my Master now
and so I bow to You;
teach me what is pleasing to You
so that all I will do may be acceptable to You;
my reasonings are unsure
and this citadel, which You call,
is made out of clay
and it weighs down the teeming mind;
You say, My King,
that You have imprinted Your Image on mine;

yes; 31 and while doing so, I then planted a kiss on those lips which would become My Echo and would proclaim the Truth, to train them to hymn My Name and say:

“sing to the Prince-of-Peace,
sing to the Immortal One,
to the Mighty God;
open your hearts
and let them be consumed
by His jealous Love;
sing to the Lord and King,
and exult at His coming;”

come, let your eyes now, My beloved, feast on the fathomless treasures of My Heart, then the All Powerful One will carry you to have your pilgrimage in My Ears …. you will learn how to listen and understand shrewd proverbs, My love; if you lend an ear, you will learn from Wisdom, and will thirst for any discourse coming from Me; you will learn in the garden of My Ears how My Ears are opened to anyone who invokes Me sincerely, and comes to Me32 in purity of heart, repenting like a loud lamentation book, insisting on their wretchedness, their unworthiness, and on how they had failed Me; at this sound, My Heart leaps from its place; that sound of contrition will lead them to My Courts;

so that your ears listen to My Voice, you would have to lower your voice; come and learn how I respond and free the wretched and the poor who call Me; appeal to Me and My Ears will hear your appeal and I will come and save you, I will hear your calling; My Ears are sensitive; and you, as a creature, do not be reckless or deaf to the callings of the needy, but open your ears to their appeal; do not frown at them but offer them your hand; do you not know how I shudder when an appeal is made and My creatures do not give a hearing or answer to the supplicant; My Sacred Heart aches in My Breast;

in the gardens of My Ears, you will learn how your God is looking down from His Throne at the sons and daughters of men, leaning towards them with His Ear stuck on their lips; and you, who have seen thousands of myriads of angels surrounding My Glorious Throne, 33 tell them:

“come and listen: I was instructed by the Holy One to tell you what He has done for me: when I uttered my cry of metanoia34 to Him and high praise was on my tongue, had I been guilty after my metanoia in my heart still, the Lord would never have heard me; but God not only heard me, He listened to my appeal and responded to my prayer; blessed be God, triune in His Holiness, who neither ignored my prayer nor deprived me of His Love;”

this is what you are going to tell them; 35 now come and step into your permanent Home, the nuptial chamber of My Heart where your King is waiting to rejoice in you and you in Him;

come My angel and My bride, I am longing to dress you with My Name, with My very Presence; your clothing will be Me for I am everything; in My Body lives the fullness of Divinity, therefore in Me, you will find your fulfilment; I will have you hidden in Me, and in this manner, when the Time comes, I will present you to the Father;

I am your sweet fragrance, Vassula, and I want you to be like a bright star shining in the darkness of this generation, perfuming it36 with My fragrance; you will continue to shine because you would be offering the world what came from My Mouth, you would be offering everyone: the word of Life; and many would see Me in you, 37 since I have clothed you with My Name, so that you become truly My companion;

your True God, your Lord Jesus Christ, welcomes you wholeheartedly now in His Sacred Heart: your Home …. I have revealed My Domi