February 18, 1997

My Psalm and my Hymn,
My Amen,
My Brother, my Sister and Friend
My Father and Mother,
My Sweet Fragrance and my Incense,
My Sunshine and my Light,
My Brilliant Flame never ceasing to shine,
My series of Banquets,
My Safety and Rock of my strength,
My Increase and my Wealth,
My Portal of Eternity,

What makes You leap with joy
at the sight of this speck of dust passing by You?

its absolute nothingness makes My Heart leap with such delight that I draw the attention of My Angels who surround Me;

You and You only are my Cup …

to one so weak, what will I not give …. what will I not do … may your race with Me in the world be blessed, for it will save many souls;

let even the mountains and hills bow low in hearing My Canticle of peace given to My people; remind them that I will defend the poorest; 1 tell them that in your days virtue will begin to flourish, and a universal peace will soon cover My creation for My empire shall stretch from sea to sea; and the Beast will cower before My Presence and your enemies who are My enemies will grovel in the dust, the Amen is on His way to purify with devouring flame every race because I hate the practices of the apostate; the heavens are at work now, so wear Me like a rich vestment to announce, in our journey, the Amen’s words; follow Me in My footprints which are soaked with My Blood;

I love you, child, turn around and look at Me then tell Me that you love Me too; love does not come to an end with Me, My Love is everlasting and secure; try then to imitate Me; fill yourself with My Love;

I, Jesus, bless you;

1 Poor in spirit.