March 21, 1995

Blessed be Your Name,
who has blessed me thrice,
allowing me to see His hidden plan
that was in His Sacred Heart from the beginning
and that was revealed to His chosen one He so well loved. 1
Now, me too, in Him have I heard His message,
this Inexhaustible Treasure
of which St. Gertrude had a glimpse.

Soon there will come a time
when “there will be no further need
for neighbour to try to teach neighbour,
or brother to say to brother,
‘learn to know the Lord.’
No, they will all know You,
the least no less than the greatest,
since – You will forgive their iniquities
and never call their sins to mind.” 2

I shall try to walk in the path You laid out for me
without swerving and cherish
the Treasure You have given us all.

I am well pleased with your work; 3 draw from My Heart this Inexhaustible Treasure which I kept hidden for your times, when people’s hearts would grow cold, ungrateful, full of boasting and irreligious; My intentions are to rekindle this dying flame and make them change their mind so that once healed they would acknowledge Me as the Supreme High Priest, the Christ, and the King of kings;

come then close to Me and enjoy what good things you see, take your fill from this Inexhaustible Source of well-being; do not be discouraged when people look on, uncomprehending that Grace and Mercy is among them, pray for these; ice does not endure the fire; I will melt this ice with My Holy Spirit, so rely on Me and say:

“God is with us soon;”

your Beloved;

1 St. John the Evangelist.
2 Heb. 8:11-12.
3 The delay was caught up.