March 30, 1995

(Tokyo – Japan)

My Lord?
Look down from Heaven,
from your holy and glorious dwelling.
Here I am among Your children,
yet so many of them do not know You,
as a most compassionate Father.

Father, make Your Name known,
let Your Spirit guide Your children
since You are our Father.

Open now the heavens and come to us.
At Your Presence, all the nation,
will be moved and will give up
the power of sin that holds them;

At Your Presence,
this nation too will be betrothed to You
and will be called: ‘The Betrothed.’

yes! I will betroth this nation to Myself, with tenderness and love will I betroth them, and in the end with one mouth they will proclaim with delight My Name:

“our Father!”

then the whole land will be wedded to Me…. “and as the bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will I rejoice in them;” 1

(Later on, Jesus spoke:)

pray for My children of Japan; write this and tell them:

I am in your days, these days of darkness, revealing to you all My Holy Face; I have not come to remind you of My Presence so that I condemn you, I have come to call all of you to My Sacred Heart! I intend to give sight to the blind and take away the sight of those who say they see; I shall choose weakness to show My Power and Poverty to show My Riches and My Glory; open your hearts and speak to Me; My Name is: Jesus, and Jesus means: ‘Saviour’;

soon, very soon, I shall come with myriads of angels; yes, My Return is imminent; look around you, have you not noticed My Signs? do not be afraid of Me, I am the only Truth and your Way to Heaven; come to Me as you are, do not wait to be saints, do not say, My beloved Japan: “I cannot speak, and if I do, He will not hear Me;” I am standing at your doorstep now, with My Heart in My Hand to offer it to you;

I am the Sacred Heart and I have made a New Hymn of Love for all of you; Mercy descends now to call all those who never sought Me nor ever knew Me to join in the assembly of My saints too; Scriptures say: “God does not have favourites, but that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to Him;” 2

did you not know that I am a God who is meek and gentle, forgiving and full of pity? your unworthiness attracts Me for I am Everything and I can look after you; your incapacity to reach Me makes Me eager to lean from Heaven to lift you to Me; allow Me then to enter your heart and I shall adorn you with My glory! seek Me and you shall find Me, knock and I shall open to you;

even if you say: “who am I to step into Your Heart?” I will tell you: “you are My child, My Own and My Seed; you belong to Me and to no one else; you come from Me and from no one else; this is why I want you in My Heart;” – no, perhaps you have not sought Me but I have found you; this, Japan, My child, is My Message for you;

I bless you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead;