March 18, 1995


(The delay of six months’ work for His Messages was caught up in two weeks. I wrote for two weeks non-stop, seven to nine hours a day. I left all the administration that ate up all Jesus’ time and obeyed Him by doing only the writings. Telephones too were stopped short. Letters were unopened and sent to the association to deal with. Programmes for meetings were not done by me any more, but by the Association of True Life in God, in France.)

Vassula, your efforts please Me; alone you are not; secondly, I delight when My words of correction are not taken lightly nor go by unheeded; allow Me to be your guide and your spiritual director; I have established My Salvation Plan in you so that through you My Messages will be accomplished by My Will; allow Me to use you now only for a little while longer; persevere at your duty and enjoy doing it; My company to you is the sweetest of the sweet; if thorns and briars come, do not fear, these have to come anyway, I will lift you to go over them; they shall not harm you;

– enlarge My Vineyard, daughter, and I will extend all the fruits of My Vineyard and its boundary will have no end; – My Plan is to save you all, but I need generosity to atone the guilt of this generation; great is My sorrow to watch them going in the fire prepared by My Enemy;

1 I Am the Source of Life! and from My Breast, Living Waters flow out! come! come and drink, I will not charge you, if any man is thirsty, let him come to Me! I am the Life and before you and among you all, I stand ….

– daughter, a throng of angels will be by your side to accompany you2 in your mission; I, Jesus, bless you and tell you: “lo tedhal!” 3

1 Suddenly Jesus cried out with a loud Voice.
2 In my meeting in Paris at the ‘Palais des Congrés.’
3 “Do not fear!” in Aramaic, Jesus’ language.