June 1, 1993

My Lord and Redeemer,
how much longer will You allow Satan to smoulder us?
Why do You allow this persecution?
Rescue us, Lord, for the sake of Your Love!


joy of My Sacred Heart, listen: the reasonings of mortals are not divine; I, the Lord, journeyed through the earth to warn the world that the Enemy will come upon them like an immense wave to swallow them, but no one really believed that Satan would ever penetrate the gates of My Sanctuary, and yet he has …. he walked right into My Sanctuary through the sins and errors of My Own who to this day oppose the shepherd1 I have given you; so how can you expect My lambs to respect those priests when they themselves rebel against My chosen one? they pay no attention to My shepherd ….

sorrow overtakes Me and My Heart is lacerated for what I see coming yet; what has been as a fragment of apostasy now will become a general apostasy, well-rooted; this apostasy will be so vast that it will swallow many as it spreads ….

My Lord, save us and stop it! You Yourself said that You are stronger than Satan. Why do You wait and let things get out of hand??

conspiracy, My child; conspiracy and traitors go together; when Death had been climbing in at the windows of My Sanctuary and making its way well in into the heart of My House, I had sent My Mother to warn you; 2 so do not say that I waited too long, daughter; the (…)3 are the ones who have been imprudent; they have not sought My Will; I had warned them but so few pay attention to My Warnings; even to this day and ah …. how many times I bewailed their pride …. (I could have corrected them in My anger reducing them into dust, but I prefer to pursue them with gentleness;)

– I am telling you there is a conspiracy among the shepherds who oppose the leader of them all; and the Destroyer leads them to profane My Holy Name and the rebellious spirit thriving within them now will exteriorise itself; have you not read, have you not understood? “a wretch will rise and his forces will come and profane the sanctuary citadel; they will abolish the Perpetual Sacrifice and install the disastrous abomination there4 … he will consider himself greater than all the gods and will utter incredible blasphemies against the God of gods, and he will thrive until the wrath reaches the bursting point, and he will confer great honours on those who will acknowledge him, by giving them wide authority5 …. this rebellious spirit will win over the people of the world;6

yes, there is going to be a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came into existence; 7 I had asked you to stay awake and make vigils of prayers lest you will be swept away too; therefore, stand ready and faithful; what more could I tell you that I have not said? proclaim My message, Vassula;

1 His Holiness, Pope John Paul II.
2 Fatima’s apparitions?
3 God allowed me not to write it.