June 5, 1993

Vassula, marriage is to be honoured and kept holy; I have espoused you to Me1 and I taught you to rely on My Grace; I have made out of your soul an altar and a bride for Me, your God; I have taught you obedience and rejection of all things that are not Mine; I have, as a Spouse, entrusted you with My Interests; I have taught you discipline, mere creature of flesh; I, the Eternal cherished you, your conversion came from Me! I have poured out teachings on you like prophecy; My Patience with you is running thin, Vassula! you are guilty of (…)2 which is the same as (…) you must give all these things up! I have renewed you into an image of My liking and I love you; why do you (…) but look, in spite of your infidelity, My Fidelity will remain Eternal; I am putting these things rather strongly but it is to remind you that you have been given a special mission! and from now on ….. no compromise …. none! I shall not walk with these; live then the way I want you to live since I live in you; do not abuse My Patience!

ah, one more thing …. write it! 3 yes! tell Me, and what has become of this enthusiasm you had at one time? am I to say you are unreliable? instead of giving in to your impulses that could lead you to your condemnation, lift your eyes towards Me and look after My Interests and draw Life from Me, revealing to mankind the richness of My Glory; do not fear, I will never take back the gifts I have given you, nor will I revoke My choice, but I will ask you one question: why did you turn away your eyes from Me?

I do not know.

you know!

Maybe because I did not want to see You angry?

try once more ….

Maybe because I did not want to see You did not agree with me?

yes! yes, Vassula; hand over to Me your entire heart! speak!

Take my heart, Lord.

say it!

Is my heart at all flesh or has it turned into stone?

only if you will be cut off from Me, your heart will turn into stone ….

So there is hope for me ….

I sent you to reap a harvest you had not toiled for, honour this harvest, honour our marriage;

now learn how I can be severe as well as kind; let the world benefit from the harvest I Myself worked for without delay! and you, do not worry, I have grafted you on to Me and you are part of Me, this is why I want you entirely sound! come and honour Me by remembering My Presence; ic;

1 Allusion to: “For now your Creator will be your Husband; His Name, Yahweh Sabaoth.” (Is. 54:5.)
2 Out of delicacy Jesus respected my wish that it won’t be written.
3 Jesus looked at me and I could tell from His Eyes that He was not pleased with me, but rather angry.