May 6, 1987

(My message to God before His message of May 6, 1987 –

I am learning what God means by surrendering completely. Being detached. Leave everything and follow Him. His Words are symbolic, they are not material. Surrender, I have by loving Him first and beyond everything else and the feeling I would like Him to use me. Being detached, yes, to the extent of being detached from my body, meaning that I realise I have a soul that wants, desires to detach itself from the body to join Him, and follow Him only.

– Suffer; yes, suffering because of not being with Him, of being still material on earth, of having the feeling of being a widow here. – Suffer; to know that I have to follow daily life, material life. It is indeed a burden to be rubbed constantly with a balm of Technology and Science, with disbelievers, with sceptics, with people who think you are losing foot because of age. Suffer; to have to follow their programs. Suffer; to hide one’s feeling when I only feel I want to dissociate from the world and be alone, with God. Just He and me and no one else and nothing else around me to distract me.

Even this that I wrote I asked God to help me write down my feelings, since I am unable to express myself, and so He did, whispering the right words in My ear! He wants me to be among mankind; one more cross to carry. My body aches.)

Mine too; all you feel I feel; daughter, bless Me,

I bless You, my beloved God.

(Later, still feeling dissolved in God:)

I love you, see? love will suffer, love binds, love offers abundant fidelity, love has no restraint to sacrifice;

Vassula, the hours are fleeing, your time is near; offer yourself, grow in humility, eat from My hand; My beloved, I will unbind your chains and your soul will fly to Me very soon;

I love you, My God …