May 7, 1987

I love you, it is I, your Spouse,

My flower, I will purify you; I will continue saturating you, reviving you with My Light and feeding you with My Strength; Vassula, I will honour you by letting you wear My thorned crown;

Jesus, how can You trust me?

I love you; by wearing My crown you will understand the mockery I received, for soon you too will be mocked upon; do not forget, I will suffer as much as you will suffer, for I am in you and you in Me; I have united Myself to you, we are one; come now, beloved, we will continue My Works; I will give you enough Strength till the end;

(In this message, I understood later on, Jesus prepares me. I will be mocked and laughed upon. At least He is with me, we will share the mockeries together. Once thrust out in the world for my apostolate, the mockery and persecutions will start.)

Jesus, do you know I have not even managed to reach a hundred times saying, “I love You”, and You asked me to say it a thousand times!

Vassula, ah Vassula, do you not know that every act done with love is telling Me “I love you”; you are showing Me your love in that way too;

everything you do in your life you do it to Me;

come; embellish! flourish! radiate! fragrance! adorn Me with wreaths of love; let every one of your petals replace a thorn from My thorned crown; the more petals the less thorns piercing Me; I love you; love Me; teach others to love Me; show them My appeal;

With Your help I am showing them. I can’t do much.

love Me and heal My Wounds; let the tears shed for Me be a soothing balm to My Wounds; Vassula, wreaths are not made only for funerals – they are also made for brides; allow Me to place a wreath upon you in August;