May 5, 1987

(When I feel God’s love on me (us) my mind almost reels! When He makes me dissolve in His Body and His Body annihilates mine it is then that I feel like air, like truly I am spirit without flesh! Ecstatic state? Even these words cannot describe fully the state His Love can bring me to. His grace and goodness are impossible to describe, there are no words to describe such greatness and splendour of His Holiness. And to know how I, before His approach, rejected Him!)

Vassula, come to Me; My five Wounds are open; Vassula, penetrate into My Wounds and feel My pain; come, let My Blood sanctify you in My Wounds, glorify Me; I will guide you, daughter; freely I give, so give freely too; I the Lord will return with My Holy Book;

(Jesus had a small book with Him.)

discern and read where I point, “betrothed, blessed of My Soul, daughter of Mine; feed My lambs; scatter My grains, let them yield a rich harvest, reap it and give My Bread freely; I am the Bread of Life; feed My sheep, I am always with you till the end of times;” 1

My God, thank You for Your Guidance. I sound arid with these naked words but I have to put them on paper. May Your Name be Blessed forever and ever!

I love you; I will not forsake you; we will work together; do not weary writing; now I have sealed My Message of Peace and Love, I will guide you, Vassula; come to Me;

I shall follow You, Lord. I love You.

leave Me free to act in you,

Lord, may Your will be done.

I will instruct you with Wisdom;

(Yesterday after the end of God’s Message I felt God in me and I in Him so very much, I felt I could not separate ever.)

My companion, I love you; Vassula, give Me everything, give Me all you have;

I have given You my love. I have given You myself. I have detached my feelings from earth. I have surrendered. Can I give You anything more?

daughter, I love to hear you surrendering; let Me be your Captor;

(I could feel Jesus this evening so strongly that I could see distinctly His Face which was not easy the other times. This evening He seemed so very intense, fervid, eager, like someone who comes determined with fervour to convince someone who is lukewarm.)

will you kiss My Wounds?

(I did, in a ‘mystic’ way. Then I asked Jesus to sit at the chair nearby me. Immediately I felt ‘mystically’ again that He did. He faced me and stretched His arm on the table reaching me on my copy-book. Jesus imprints in my mind these impressions.)

flower of Mine, devote yourself entirely to Me, are you ready to hear Me?

Yes, Jesus.

betrothed, blessed of My Soul, freely I gave, so freely give; unite with Me, be one with Me; look into My eyes;

(I did.)

Jesus, what can I do more?

love Me,

But I love You, I said it many times, and You know I mean it. My soul longs for You. You wanted me to be detached, and I became detached.

do I, Vassula, not long for you? 2 do I, as your God not suffer too? 3 beloved, live in Me and I in you, you in Me and Me in you, us;

adapt in Me, unite;

But You have united us, Jesus. You said You did!

I have;

(I suddenly felt physically exhausted, so I asked permission to go.)

Shall we go, Jesus?

daughter, why?

I’m exhausted, Jesus.

beloved, I want you to stay, will you stay?

(It was the first time Jesus insisted.)

I will stay then …

torn is My Heart when I am left alone,

But You are with me, we are together…

I am with you now, but you do forget Me many times; leave Me free and let My Divine Hands mould you as I wish; I will form you to My image; let Me free to work in you; I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour, daughter; I love you to jealousy; I want you all Mine; I want everything you do to be for Me; I do not tolerate rivals; I want you to worship Me and live for Me;

breathe for Me, love for Me, eat for Me, smile for Me, immolate yourself for Me; everything you will do, do it for Me; I want to consume you, I want to inflame you desiring Me only; adorn Me with your petals, My flower; crown Me with your love; remove My thorned crown and replace it with your soft petals; fragrance Me with your fragrance, love Me and Me only;

I have laid out My life for you out of Sublime Love; would you not do the same for Me your Spouse? betrothed, rejoice your Spouse, make Me happy! bind yourself to Me with eternal bonds; live for Me and Me alone; be My Sacrifice, be My Target, be My Net; creature, do you love Me?

How can I not love You, My God? I do!

say it, say it many times; let Me hear it, I love hearing it; say it a thousand times a day and every morning after you rest in Me, face Me and tell Me, “My Lord, I love you;”

Jesus, I love You, but why are You becoming stern? 4

(Maybe I am not doing enough.)

come, do not misunderstand Me! it’s Love talking, it’s Love’s desires, it’s Love’s flame, it’s Love’s jealous love; I cannot stand rivals; lean on your Holy Father, Spouse, Companion and God; come, let us rest in each other; love Me, daughter, with a jealous love too; 5

1 The contents of the book revealed my mission. The Apostolate.
2 That is where I understood what it meant that “The soul longs for its God, and its God longs for its soul.”
3 From being separated by being in flesh the soul.
4 Here, I meant, demanding. Jesus was demanding out of His fervent love.
5 The word rival means everything else that we put BEFORE God. We must put God first.