April 16, 1993

(Orthodox Holy Friday)

I have been following Your Step
ever since You revived me
and by bowing my ear a little
I have received You,
my soul delights in Your Presence,
I am in Your Loving Hands now,
into the Hands of my God.

peace be with you; straighten the road for My Return; level My path on which I will tread; open a broad highway for Unity, My friend; My Return is imminent; hear Me, today most of you judge by human standards, this is why your spirit is unable to fathom the Riches of My Heavenly Kingdom; except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven;

Vassula of My Sacred Heart’s Passion, dearest soul, I will encourage you by the same words My Spirit whispered in Saint Paul’s ear: “be ambitious to prophesy”; 1 this is what you will remind and tell My people; tell them that one should be eager to prophesy and in this manner honour My Holy Spirit;

Lord, many condemn prophecy; I understand too, since there are many false prophets.

men of little faith! how could you fail to understand what I have been teaching you? I have said that in the end of Times many false prophets will arise and you should beware of them, but have I not said that you will be able to tell them by their fruits? why are so few following My instructions?

I am the Christ and I am sending you precisely for this reason, I am sending you to the nations to declare that My Word is alive! so stand your ground and do not waver or fear; I am your Shield; yes, My Vassula, I have given you the privilege not only to be in this special way with Me, but to suffer for Me as well; do not ever doubt though that I am able to complete this Work by Myself; I suffice by Myself, but I have chosen you to perfect you;

I tell you, your race is not yet over, I can assure you already that I will finish it with you; go out to the nations and declare that My Law is alive and that I want to write it on their heart; so rejoice!

rejoice and be glad for My Mercy is incomparable; be glad, that Our Two Hearts, like Two Olive Branches, are among you to restore you to health and heal your wounds! rejoice and be glad that Our Two Hearts, like Two Lamps, are guiding your steps into Heaven where you belong; to what can you liken My Mercy?

and you whom I brought up and raised in My Light, hold fast on to Me; I observe every action from Heaven, and I know that the most impressive wounds I will receive would be in the house of My best friends; I will have to drink of the Cup of your division, your unreconciled heart and of your apostasy …. spite and fraud is killing the innocent; no, My child, do not wait for thanksgiving or compassion from the world, but I too had received neither of the two on My way to Calvary;

I tell your little heart: for the sake of My Love, I will increase My Calls and not diminish them; I will overpower every calumniating mouth, for I am Lord; therefore, rejoice, for by the wounds My friends inflict on you,

I will bring many back to Me,

I will let the blind see and the lame walk again; a great number of you will return to Me; stop then your weeping and dry your eyes …. My Vassula, come, …. I will wipe away your tears ….

2 soon the earth will shiver and shake and ah! so many will still be out in the wilderness erring …. come and lean on Me and trust Me;

pray, because I delight when you remember My Presence; I love you dearly and unmeasurably;

I will always be with you;

2 Jesus changed tone and was speaking as though to Himself.