April 12, 1993

The Lord alone is my Judge. 1
You said, Lord:
I am going to come and rescue my sheep from being cheated. 2
I trust in Your Words.

peace be with you; lean on Me; I tell you daughter, for your part, you must be patient and have these words constantly in your mind: in the end Our Two Hearts shall triumph; what I have commenced and blessed I will finish;

I have blessed you by making you a participant of My salvation plan; oh, how I love your weakness! for in your ineffable weakness I am King! as soon as I complete My Works with you, you will be instantly and simultaneously consumed; many who have fallen will rise and announce that truly I was your Sovereign Master and that you were the Delight-of-My-Passion; the well-beloved servant of My Passion; and they will praise Me;

today, satisfy Me, answer My demands and pay heed to your mission; do not be afraid, My bride, come and place your head on My Sacred Heart from time to time and give yourself some rest; I will not reprove you nor will I accuse you for not responding exactly to My demands; My Strength will lift you from your falls and slowly like a roaring Fire I will consume you in the flames of My ardent Love, thus you will end up by doing My Will and responding to perfection all of My demands …. am I not your Creator and Spouse? have I not provided you from My Riches? why would I then abandon you? by assigning you for this mission, you are blessed;

by sending you out of your house to rebuild My Own, you shall live in My Light! by giving the choice to mind My House before your own house, you are blessed and I Myself will be the Guardian of your house; therefore, do not fear, My child, I bless you for giving Me your heart; go now among mankind and give them all that I have given you, give them these Messages, they are My personal love letter to each one of them; be anxious, as I am anxious, to save My people from ruin; give them My Peace; daughter, ecclesia will revive!

I love you;