April 20, 1993

Vassula, My child, it is I, Yahweh … I love you, daughter; I will continue to send you abroad for My Glory; feel loved, protected, and guided by Me; hear Me: time is nothing and means nothing to Me; so be prepared to face Me! 1

a great sadness is in My Heart, for treason and lack of faith covers more and more the Church; here are the words I hear from those who share the table of the Vicar of My Son: “how tiresome he is!” but, as I have once said to you, they are the Cains of your times, and of those I have spoken of in My comments on the Ten Commandments; they pretend to go in search of Me with their incense in their hands, but their spirit is not in search of My Spirit;

I tell you, they do not hallow My Name; no, they do not, they failed to appreciate My great Love; they defy Me daily and provoke Me by their unspiritual discourses, they deploy My anger with their sneers on My mouthpieces, oh! but they will reel like shooting stars bound for an eternity of black darkness unless they descend from their thrones and repent! you must join to pray for them before My Day comes ….

daughter, I bless you; call Me when you wish, I will never fail you ….

1 I understood: The Purification.