April 9, 1993

My Vassula, peace be with you, I intend to flower this desert and make fountains out of arid lands, fountains that will spring from My House; I will bring this faithless generation back to Me, but before this happens many who are first now will be last, and the last, first; learn that your Creator will carry out His Works and these Works will testify that He had sent in the world His creature to Glorify Him; through these Works, a light will shine in your darkness, in fact it began shining already; delight Me and hold on to the hem of My clothes and again, I remind you: do not be concerned and do not seek for the approval that comes from the world, seek only your Creator’s approval;

My pupil, work hard though to honour the One who sent you; sincerity pleases the Father and ah …. everything the Father has is Mine and everything I Own is yours; come be patient; I, Jesus, love you and bless you: revive My Church; we, us?

Yes Lord.