April 8, 1993

Lord, my God,
You know that falsehood is not to be found on my lips,
You who can screen my soul and investigate my sins,
You know that I am innocent and not guilty
of all these accusations they are condemning me with.
Have You not endowed me with Your Spirit?

My city! My beloved! I am the One who have driven you to walk in My Footprints and in My Light; I have come to tell you that you are not alone; see? My Arms are like a wall of Fire all round you; to you I tell you, do not seek glory from men for whosoever is admired by men is loathsome in My Sight; so let them hound you, let them persecute you and do not fear, My lamb, from those who kill the body and after that can do no more; I will tell you whom to fear; fear him who, after he has killed, has the power to cast into hell;

bless Me rather for hiding still these things I have been teaching you from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children, for that is what pleases Me and delights My Soul! learn that whoever touches you, 1 touches the apple of My Eye! do all you can, My Vassula, to present yourself in My Presence as a soul that has come through her trials with faith; show Me that you will stand firm as a tree, well-rooted in the Truth, Love, Faith and Hope, and that when I will come to test your fruit I may rejoice! prefer suffering than giving way to the weakness of your flesh, My child; no one will succeed to separate you from Me, so rejoice!

alas2 for the world that brings obstacles to My Message! and even more for the man who provides them! Vassula …. I will show My Glory through you; shall any of the hostile souls surround you, be to them like a double-edged sword that pierces the Lie; pray that this Heavenly Food given by My Spirit be distributed to the starved and the poor; let My Manna fill your mouths! and you, 3 whom My Soul casts out as a net in every nation…. 4 “imé stenakhoreménos para poli; avrio ine i proti stavrossi, ké pali, o Ios Mou tha ksana-stavrothi se epta meres ….”

I will dress the Heavens in black, … pray for the unification of the dates of Easter; be in My Peace; I, Yahweh love you, proclaim My Word without fear! come;

1 That means, harasses me.

2 God’s tone suddenly changed.

3 I felt God’s Voice becoming sad and I felt Him sad.

4 God spoke to me in my language (Greek). He said: “I am very sad, tomorrow is the first crucifixion, and again My Son will be recrucified in seven days …” Because of the two dates of Easter.