February 3, 1993

Lord my God,
You are known to be quick in generosity
for the poor and for the needy.
You are known to fill the mouths of the hungry
and for those who stretch out their hands to You.
You lift the needy,
giving them a royal place with the elect,
into Your celestial court.
You placed the weak into Your House.
You are known to overthrow kings and kingdoms
when they become an obstacle to Your Word.
Lord of Tenderness,
You look on wretchedness with compassion,
sending them Wisdom to be their Educator
and teach them to walk in Your Presence
and enjoy Your favour.
Many hound me and oppress me
but Your Wisdom taught me that everything
is for Your greatest Glory!
Unjustifiably men hound me, waiting for me
and for the appropriate hour to strike me, Your child,
but You are such Joy to me
that no matter what men may do to me,
I will persevere to proclaim Your Name with Joy.
You are such Joy to me that no man, yes, no man
can take my eyes away from You.
You are immersing perpetually my soul with joy!
For You have plunged my soul
in a baptism of Love, in a baptism of Consuming Fire
leaving my heart ablaze.
You have lavished my soul with a vast treasure:
that of Your Sacred Heart.

My child, your endurance will earn you your life; your love and patience will win your place in heaven; My child, My child, let your portion be Me; glorify Me and proclaim to the nations the greatness of My Love; fear no one, I am before you; raise your eyes and look at Me…. 1 I am going to save My people and I will take men from every nation, every race and every language by their sleeve and ask them: “do you want to follow Me?” and they will say: “we want to go with You, since we have now learnt the Truth,” and I will bring one after the other back to live in My Heart! I mean to bring peace in each heart;

yes! the vine I had planted in the past will give its fruit for My Glory; I will not be slow nor will I ignore the cries of the faithful; if one man builds My Church while another one pulls it down on whom will the fury of My Father pour out in the Day of Judgement? hear Me: I have formed you and educated you to revive My Church and bring unity among brothers; I created you, Vassiliki, 2 and have called you by your birth-name to be Mine and to come freely into My Presence any time and anywhere you may be; 3 I want you close to Me;

O child so favoured by My Father! if I have chosen you to reveal to you the Father and mark you with Our Love and if My Holy Spirit breathed in you reviving you, filling your soul with His Light, transfiguring the Darkness in you into Light, Vassiliki, it is so that the nations see through you My Mercy and My Love;

you may ask yourself, “why me? why has all this happened to me?” I tell you, because of your great misery and your astounding weakness; My Heart, an Abyss of Love pitied you; it could have been anyone; do not stand bemused in front of Me! do you not know your Saviour anymore?

who is there to pity My people if it is not Me? when hordes of nations fall continuously into apostasy and the crown of terror is on every head and when debauchery is ruling their heart, how can I remain silent? godlessness has spread throughout the world, am I to remain silent? tell them, “happy is the heart who will make peace with his brother, 4 for he will be called, child of the Most High; happy is the heart who will stop wandering in the night and will reconcile truly with his brother, 5 not only will he enjoy My favour but truly, I will reveal to him the Inexhaustible Riches of My Sacred Heart! so that people around him, astounded by his radiant beauty will say, ‘truly, God is hidden with him'”; and you, daughter, never part from Me; I, the Lord, will shepherd you till the end, come;

1 I raised my eyes and this is what I saw: Christ’s Holy Face smiling.

2 My official birth name.

3 In this special way.

4 Here it means humanity.

5 Here it means humanity.