August 20, 1992

(Rhodos, Greece)

dear and faithful child, while you are weak, I am King; here I am sending you back to your own to remind them of My principles; some of you have become mild and tepid for you have welcomed My words without trust when you gather together in My Name;

woe to those who sell My Blood to honour their name! woe for those who are satisfied now and direct their lives by their natural inclinations and ignore My Spirit! woe to those who will become an obstacle to the door I Myself have thrown open to announce My Message; woe for those who believe they act wisely with the world, they are servants of the world, not Mine; they are slaves of the world and espoused to hypocrisy, corruption and all that My Heart abhors;

you say you suffer injustice for the sake of My Name, rejoice! for My Day will soon dawn upon all of you with fire; rejoice and be glad when people accuse you and disgrace you publicly, exhibiting you as a spectacle of disgrace, for My sake and My Message; all the greater will be your reward in heaven for having endured with love the insults of the world;

pray so that your chains that still bind you to the world may be unbound by Me; pray for those who cannot tell their right hand from their left hand; no one is worthy of My Call, so do not blame the proud; grace now is upon you and Mercy is enveloping you; your King has offered you His Heart wholeheartedly but I have noticed that not everyone has offered Me their heart entirely, not everyone is willing to comply with My principles; no, not everyone has gone according to My Heart’s desires, but has listened instead to their own voice, that which is their own law because of their weak faith; to these I say: pray that you may not lapse from My favour, pray that you will do My Will; let My words spread now and do not be subject to your human thinking;

I have three more questions to ask:
why have you reduced My Voice?
what have you done with the Messages I have chosen to be read?
where has the man once so eager to please me gone?

Father! Forgive them for they know not what they are doing! ….

My child, prophesy! let your mouth with My words be like a sword …. serve Me, Love is near you;

Lord, what if they do not do Your Will?

then I shall withdraw My Heart, My favours and My graces, but My Cross will remain;

(This message was given to those who laid blocks on the passage our Lord had opened. Temptations, fear, doubts led certain people not to trust and rely on the plan God had prepared for Rhodos. Jesus warned them.)