August 10, 1992

(The oppositions in Rhodos)

O Lord, why is there so much obstinacy? O Lord, I am starting to learn that great names do not give wisdom; there was a time when I hoped for much from their mouths when they proclaim the words: UNITY and RECONCILIATION, but I do not even see the dawn of it either ….

peace be with you; the sound of your bitterness did not escape Me; have I ever told you I will abandon you?

No, Lord.

so why do you worry? I created you for this mission;

come, look at Me; you will always have good things to eat with Me and your table will always be full when you are with Me; creature! I will lead you on the way that you must go; retreat into My Heart when you need to rest; do not lose your courage; Wisdom will instruct you; devote your time to Me and I will use you for My designs; I will use your mouth to be as sharp as a two-edged sword when you pronounce My Words; I intend to teach sound judgement to the ignorant; if you allow Me to use you I will carry out My Plan; until everything has been performed and has been carried out, My fervent desire of unity and reconciliation among you all will not diminish; I have put on paper through you how I desire you to unite; from the very beginning I have spoken clearly;

Vassula, My child, have you not read, that even a small amount of yeast is enough to leaven all the dough? therefore, do not give Me any premature judgment;