August 22, 1992

(For the group of Rhodos.)


I Am; all I ask from you is peace;

where there is dissension give peace and love; where there is confusion ask for My Light; ask! ask and I shall give! respect each other and do not allow your hearts to harden; do not give Satan a foothold; be calm and offer Me your prayers; how many prayers am I hearing? pray and fast so that the evil one leaves;

pray more; remain in Me; like children depend on Me; pray, pray with your heart;

My Ways are not your ways, so do not give way to your own mind; little do you know how I proceed; seed everywhere and wherever you can; I know your capacity and I know where I am sending you; blessed are you, who are calumniated and ridiculed for My Sake; I tell you, you will not be unheard when you cry out My Name; peace, pray and lean on Me;

ecclesia shall revive!