May 28, 1992

(Detroit, Michigan.)

Vassula, let no one take away the prize I have given you, before you I Am;

pray for the proud that judge My Works; 1 they have no love for Me in them; daughter, honour Me by proclaiming My Messages in all these assemblies; there is very little time left; these are the last days of My Mercy, so stay awake, stay vigilant; do not allow Satan a foothold; do not allow your spirit to judge prematurely; rid yourselves of carping criticism so that in the Day of Judgement you will not be judged;

I am the Light of the world; be prepared, for I may come into your house any time now; down from the heavens, from My royal Throne, I shall soon descend in your dreadful night, little children; be at Peace, I give you My Peace; be patient just for a little while longer and continue to glorify Me with your love; I love you all; with all My Heart, I love you;

you are all My seed; I bless you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads;

May 29, 1992

(Detroit, Michigan)


I Am; open your heart and receive Me;

tell My people that I shall come to them soon; on that Day every inhabitant in this world will know that I Am who I Am; pray for those who dispute what you teach; pray and do not allow your hearts to condemn them; have faith in Me and trust Me; Love is near you; glorify Me by restoring peace where there is dissension, love where there is hatred; imitate Me your Lord in this age of darkness; embrace My Cross; My Cross will lead you to sanctity and into your room in Heaven;

Love will embrace you;

1 Jesus was referring to the opposition that came up in Detroit. There was a certain small group of people who accused me of being a “new-ager”, belonging to the new-age sect. They went in every one of my meetings to “boycott” the meetings, distributing to all the people flyers with an article against me.