May 6, 1992

“He has walled me in; I cannot escape;
he has made my chains heavy.” 1
Compassionately, however,
You come to their room to pasture them.

(Message for all the prisoners of the world.)

peace to you; It is I, the Lord, your Redeemer; do not be astonished, it is My Holy Spirit who dwells in each heart who speaks to you;

My Love for you is beyond knowledge and not until you are in Heaven will you be able to understand its fullness; I descend in these days of darkness from My Celestial Throne, all the way to you, to allow you to know, as well, what is happening and what I am doing; I am coming to reassure you all of My Promise; I come to reassure you, little children, of My Love and My Faithfulness to all of you; My Return is very near;

I tell you solemnly, whoever keeps My Word will never see death and you who hesitate, doubt no longer but believe; – if you had failed to understand the teachings of scripture, do not let your hearts be troubled; come today and confide in Me, heart to heart; which father would hear his child’s lament and not have every fibre of his heart broken? I am your Eternal Father, He who loves you with an Eternal Love, and like a father who invites his children to share and inherit his property, so am I calling you to be heirs of My Kingdom;

ah …. would that these words of Mine were inscribed on your heart and absorbed by you …. My little children, you heard Me say: I am going away but I shall indeed be with you soon; I tell you truly I am with you soon;

I have said that there are many rooms in My Father’s House; each one of you has a room; give your souls peace and rest by filling up these rooms; fill them by making Peace with Me;

today Satan is vomiting all his hatred on the earth; he tears up and overthrows countries in his rage, he destroys and brings disaster after disaster, but with great power My Hand shall build up all that he has torn; everything I have written in My Hymn of Love to you is only a reminder of My Word; it is to refresh your memories and to tell you with My Heart in My Hand that I thirst for lack of love; I do not bear a grudge against anyone; you are all My seed and I, I am your Eternal Father and Companion;

I know well what is in your mind but I am not here to accuse you for your deeds; I am here today to show you how Compassion and Tenderness were treated; in My Heart I still have the lance’s blade and a Crown of Thorns surrounds My Heart; the pillars of the heavens tremble at this sight and all My angels cover their faces in agony; the very moon lacks brightness; your God is being recrucified hour after hour from men’s wickedness and spite; a Path was traced out with My own Blood to redeem you, and if your feet have wandered from this Rightful Path, I tell you, I have come all the way to you now, to take you by your hand and guide your steps back in this Rightful Path; offer Me your will; abandon yourselves to Me and allow Me to tear down the wall you have built across My Path which prevents you and Me from meeting;

My little friends, your Holy One still has many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now; I will only add one more thing: if I have come all the way to you in your cell, it is because of the greatness of the Love I have for you;

call Me and I shall hear you; I bless you, leaving a Sigh of My Love on your forehead;

1 Lm. 3:7.