April 17, 1987

(At the end of Holy Mass on Good Friday, the priest distributes the flowers that covered Jesus’ tomb. He gives bunches to people. I received just three flowers in my hand; I understood this as a sign from God to remind me of the problem I had understanding the Holy Trinity.

Two days went by and I did not write which I missed terribly as when I write like in meditation I contact and feel God very much.)

My God, it’s been a long time!

how long;

Two days!

two days, Vassula? and I, who waited years for you, what shall I say then?

I’m speechless. Jesus, I’m sorry to have wounded You. Forgive me.

come, I forgive you; all I wish from My beloved souls is to let Me arrest their heart for just a few minutes and let me pour into it My superabundant Love;

(Jesus said this in such tenderness and love. Whenever God approaches me to give me an important long message the devil or his adepts attack me. I do not feel him physically but the only thing he is allowed to do in this guidance is manifest himself by writing, thus insulting me and cursing me. 1 Since I was taught by God to know the difference and recognise his words I usually avoid him to finish his word even, which infuriates him. If it escapes my notice God blocks my hand and it cannot write. This paper is from my note book. These attacks are always stronger when God’s important message is about to be written. I have realised now the pattern … so I don’t give up although I do feel hopeless at times.)

1 In a way it is a good sign, for he shows he exists, and that this revelation annoys him, to say the least.