April 23, 1987

(Sometimes I wonder what freedom is, before God’s call I was free too. I had my family life in harmony and having really no responsibility no cares, such as this message which crushes me and weighs on me, but then I was aloof from God. Suddenly, God held me … In the beginning I did not like it, since I had no love for Him, but in a short time only (three months) after preaching to me He taught me to love Him. Now after eight months the whole Message is almost completed. 1 It’s weighing on me and I’m looking for somewhere where I can unload It, it is so very heavy!! What is freedom? The weight was intolerable.)

I, the Lord, will let you know what freedom is, write;

freedom is when your soul detaches itself from earthly solicitudes and flies towards Me, to Me; I, God, came and liberated you; you are free now; when you were attached to the world, Vassula, you were a prisoner to all its temptations, but your soul now like a dove has been freed; you were caged, beloved; caged; let your soul fly out freely, let it feel this freedom I have given to all of My souls but how many of them refuse this grace I offered;

do not let yourself be caught again; tied and caged, I have liberated you; while I was passing, I saw you in your cage, withering away slowly and dying; Vassula, how could My Heart see this and not redeem you? I came and broke your cage but you were unable to use your wings, for such were your injuries, so I carried you to My abode, healing you tenderly letting you fly again, and now My Heart so much rejoices to see My little dove flying freely and be where she should have been from the very beginning; 2

I, the Lord, freed you; I have restored you; I have liberated you from your misery; My eyes never leave you from their sight; I watch My dove flying freely knowing all the time that you will always return to Me, for you recognise your Saviour and Master; your soul needs My warmth and you know that your abode now is in the middle of My Heart where I always desired you to be; you belong to Me now and I am your Master who loves you;

(The thought of going to Switzerland came to me, I fear that I might change there …)

Vassula, I will not let you soil yourself again; do not fear, I will always be near you cleaning you; I have My reasons for you to be there;

(I was trying to think God’s reasons. Then I asked.)

I want My seeds to be sown in Europe; be My sower, Vassula; live, Vassula, among people who wound Me; let your eyes see everything and watch what My creation has become; let your heart feel how little I count for them; let your ears hear how they profane Me and wound Me; will your soul not revolt? will you not cry out for Me when you will see and understand how My people have forgotten Me?

Vassula, your soul will be exposed in wickedness, in indifference, in the depths of iniquities and in the vile depths of sin of the world; as a dove flying above them you will watch the world, seeing with bitterness every action;

you will be My sacrifice, you will be My target; like hunters after their game they will hunt you and pull out their weapons pursuing you; they will rate you at a high cost for whosoever could destroy you;

Lord! What will happen to me?

I will tell you this, daughter; all will not be in vain; shadows on earth fade out and pass away; clay will always wash away with the first drops of rain, but your soul will never pass away; I, the Lord, remind you what your answer was to My question, I had asked you once; “whose house is more important, your house or My House?” you answered correctly that My House is more important;

I did.

I will always keep you in My Heart; I love you,

I love you too.

let us go, do not forget My Presence!

1 So I thought…
2 Jesus was saying this with such happiness in Him, breathing deeply.