April 16, 1987

(Easter Thursday)

Vassula, I was present in My Church; I walked before My Cross; I paused a few seconds in front of you; 1 My daughter all these years I had been waiting for you to be in My so beloved Church; 2

Lord and Saviour You have indeed searched for me and found me and brought me to You and Your Church. It has been years …. You’ve been waiting years!!

I remained before My Cross and everyone who came to worship Me I blessed in turn;

(The Holy Cross had been placed in the middle of the Church and so everybody went by turn kissing It.)

1 Strangely enough while the Procession of the Cross was going on, we had to move to give space to the priest who carried the Holy Cross (about two meters long) and the church boys with big candles following; because of the dimness the priest was not looking where he was going and went straight on me; realising it he stood for a few seconds in front of me, trying to see his way again; my cousin who was with me noticed this incident immediately. My heart raced as I could not back more, I faced the huge Cross and as behind me the crowd had lit candles I couldn’t move!
2 I had not been in that Church since the baptism of my eldest son I think, fifteen years!