September 3, 1991

Father and Master of our lives,
do not abandon us now
nor in the days of distress.

Father and Master of our lives,
help Russia to grow in Your Spirit.
You have pierced the Red Dragon through,
that had besieged her.

Father and Master of our lives,
rescue us from the Rebel
that still remains among us.

ah, My child, I shall teach you all by My Purifying Fire; wait and you shall see; Hear Me now and write, My child:

not long ago most of the nations of the world never believed that the enemy, the Red Dragon, would lose its power in Russia so suddenly; Vassula, if your sister Russia rebelled against Me, it came through the sins of the world and its crimes; tyranny comes from below;

But how did her children feel, those martyrs who belonged to You?

how can I describe what her children suffered, to what can I compare them, daughter? all Heaven mourned for her children; her sons laid helpless, but who was there around them to mourn for them? was there anyone strong enough among them to pierce the Dragon through? not when their skins were shrunken against their bones; her children went begging for Bread, oppressed by the enemy, they collapsed under their burden; if they left in secrecy to take refuge in My Arms, they would be punished severely; they were not allowed to show their zeal for Me; their pursuers were swifter than vipers eyeing each step they took, and had they any suspicions that The Book of Life would be hidden under their mattress, My children would be harassed, tracked, then captured;

ah daughter, My Eyes wept ceaselessly to see this nation reduced to silence by the sword; priests and prophets were made prisoners and were forced to dwell in darkness; many of them were slaughtered pitilessly before My very Eyes; – this nation who at one time honoured Me and praised Me openly, radiant as a sapphire, a Citadel of delights, was reduced into a waterless country of drought, by the sins and crimes of the world; I tell you, daughter, Russia, your sister, has not yet shown you what she will accomplish in My Name;

the Day of Festival has yet to come
and how I wish it were here already

pray, pray for this Glorious Day;