September 9, 1991

My Jesus?

I Am;

love Me, Vassula, it appeases the Father’s wrath on this generation; I have prayed for you, My little one, to the Father to liberate you of “the thorn” you took from Me;1

Lord confirm please what I have come to hear from You by giving me a passage from Scriptures.

(I open the Holy Bible at random and my finger goes on to Lk. 22:42. It reads:)

Father, he said, if you are willing, take this cup away from me.
Nevertheless, let Your will be done, not mine.

be blessed, I shall guide you;

1 I had offered Jesus to take upon me this “thorn” from Him (June 18, 1991). It meant one thorn less on Jesus. “The thorn” that Jesus talks about is referred in a message dated June 18, 1991. This thorn was given to Jesus by a loved one who actively persecutes the Message. Satan confused him and now uses him.