August 30, 1991

My Lord and my Life.

I Am; silence is the best weapon after prayer; – I will trample on My enemy soon;

Vassula, hear Me: your Holy One is resurrecting Russia to be a noble nation; Russia will be perfected in the Arms of her Spouse; I the Lord shall perfect her; have I not said to you, My child, that I have My Hand on her cold heart warming it? 1 and the day My bride will open her eyes and see Me her Spouse standing beside her, she shall see and understand what My Hands have done in her midst and from thereon, Russia, My bride, shall openly hold My Name Holy; and all erring evil spirits within her will flee; I had told you all these things before they happen so that you may believe that it is I, the Almighty, who is guiding you; hear Me: I shall not conceal My Plans; if men are tempted to conceal My Plans, I, with My Own Hand, shall unveil everything to you all before they happen; the Holy One has been warning you, I had not been menacing anyone of you;

– a Ray of Light from Heaven shall come in the midst of My Body2 and change the face of this earth and bring peace among brothers; 3 this will be the reward of the martyr saints’ prayers, sacrifices, penances, constancy and faith;

– do not be afraid when the hour of great distress comes if you were constant and kept your faith, for this Hour has to come to change the face of this earth; thus everything said at Fatima will be accomplished;

– the Father loves you all and He judges no one; already The Reaper is at work; the Father’s Works will astonish you all;

– and to you, My child, look back into My Messages; had I not said that I, the Lord, have done many wonders for you and shall do more these coming days?4

see how My predictions come true? and now I am telling you that the Heavens soon shall deluge with My Coming upon you; My Fire shall be hurled on this earth to burn up her crimes; I will not restrain My Hand; My Holy Name is daily profaned and My observances are scorned; this is to fulfil the words said in Scriptures;

(write): “Immediately, there was a violent earthquake, and a tenth of the city collapsed; seven thousand persons5 were killed in the earthquake, and the survivors, overcome with fear, could only praise the God of Heaven”; 6 there is very little time left now; forgive your neighbour while you have still time; make reparations, fast; if you are a sinner who sows trouble between friends, repent, for the sake of My Holy Name return to Me; you are master of your will but not of My Plans, and I urge you to surrender quickly;

Satan is sending his adepts untiringly to all of you, so be on your guard more than ever; his reign is near its end; this is why he will just for one last time vomit on this earth hoping to sweep away as many souls as he could; this is why there must be constancy and faith in you, because you can avoid and even stop Satan from vomiting on this earth;

courage, daughter; lift your head and lean on Me; I shall continue helping you;

Lord all Merciful, let those who say:
“We will go our own way,”
return to You;

and those Christians who say to the Pope:
“We will go our own way;”
return and obey the Pope.

Let their human pride lower its eyes
and their arrogance be humbled.

1 See prophetic message on Russia of March 11, 1988.
2 Church.
3 Here I understood that the Lord was alluding to the UNITY of the Churches.
4 God refers to His Message of July 23, 1991, that in the coming days He shall do more wonders. Prediction alluding to the fall of communism in Russia.
5 That is, a great number of all classes.
6 Rv 11:13. Read also: Mt. 24:22 and Mt. 24:29-30.