March 20, 1991

I, Yahweh, am your Father; come, you will accomplish your work by My side, daughter; I shall reinforce you every day because this will be necessary for My Work that will go over the whole world; I have lit your lamp so that you see, My child; I have chosen you to teach you from My Hall; from My Own Mouth you have received My Word; keep My Teachings as the apple of your eye;

Yes, my Lord and God.

even now in your nothingness, I who am Everything shall expand and like mist that creeps everywhere I intend to envelop all My creation in Me, from the stranger to My best friend, for My Jealousy1 has bypassed Me wanting to check it; I have created you for one purpose: I have created you out of Love to love Me; when body and flesh are going to be consumed and wear out, he who was pleasing to Me shall be drawn into My Soul for ever and ever;

but alas for him who did not fear Me! alas for him who never saw wickedness as folly and foolishness as madness! alas for the heart who believed that he could reach the zenith of his strength by his own efforts and without Me! alas for him who has not obeyed My Commandments! alas for him whose heart is filled with malice! alas for the jackal that plotted by night! alas for him who judged his brother and caused him to live in terror! alas for the lips that bore false-witness! alas for those who shed innocent blood of unborn infants! your compensation shall be hell! alas for the impure who receive My Son’s Flesh and Blood in a state of sin, how abhorrent you are to Me! alas for those who offend Me by refusing confession and absolution and come to receive My Son, guilty! repent! repent for your sins! what good is your offering to Me when you have a serpent coiled inside you? if you ask Me: “what must we do then to gain eternal Life?” I tell you: repent! follow My Commandments, produce the appropriate fruits, and I, in the presence of My angels, I shall offer you the room I have reserved for you; watch and be on your guard against all these things; allow Me in your wilderness to manifest My Spirit as I please and when I please and upon whom I please: to save you;

Correct us Yahweh, all loving Father, gently and with mercy but rapidly too!

Love Me, adore Me and place Me as first and above all …

Teach us to love You without anymore offending You. I am desperate without You, O Abba!

My Eyes are upon you, My child, constantly, and My Spirit shall invade you more than ever to leave nothing of you; I Am All and I can fill you with My Light; ah creation! I am Loyal and Gentle, leave Me free o creation and with most loving affection I shall fill your spirit with divinity out of My Spirit; leave Me free to annihilate your lethargy which led you into this great apostasy and the ruin of your soul; allow Me to fill you with My Fire to become loyal and fervent servants of Mine; let Me transform you to become the delight of My Soul, I Am who I Am is with you;

be blessed and have My Peace, you who read Me;

1 Jealous Love.