March 12, 1991


(For the priests and nuns of Blackrock College.)

My Lord,
my Delight, my Everything,
I love You to death.


I am; lean on Me, My child; I am the One who loves you most; ah Vassula! child of Mine, allow Me to use your hand again to convey My Message to My children: a Message which I held in My Sacred Heart for them; 1

peace be with you; I have come to your very doors; it is I, the Sacred Heart, who speaks to you; I come to offer you My Heart; today I am coming to you in this special way to remind you of My Ways; I am coming to you because you are poor and although you do not have much, you still have your sight, for the Grace of your Father in Heaven is upon you;

2 but My Soul is grieving beyond your understanding to see from above dissensions like never before in the Heart of My Sanctuary; My Body is bleeding and My Heart is one big Wound; the shepherd’s staff which I had given them whole, lies now broken in splinters; but I mean to visit you soon to put together the shepherd’s staff I had left behind Me; therefore, beloved ones, you who have received this Grace, pray for those who still do not know their left hand from their right; pray as never before that they too may receive this Grace before the day of Purification; I am telling you that soon, very soon, Love shall be with you as Love; pray that all may be ready and converted so that no one will be drawn in darkness and the shadow of death for all eternity; mindful of My Mercy I come to warn your generation, and out of Love I come to call you by the Power of My Holy Spirit of Grace back to your senses; Love is seeking a return of Love; this is My Theme;

1 The priests and nuns of Blackrock College. It seemed as if Jesus had been waiting for this hour for quite some time.
2 Then Jesus speaks to them of His Church.