September 10, 1990

Yahweh Sabaoth, bring us back,
let Your Face smile on us and we shall be safe. 1

peace be with you;

lean on Me … I have not formed you for nothing; I have not commenced this Work with you to leave it unfinished; I have blessed My Work so that it glorifies Me, and you, you who are nothing and with no gifts at all to offer Me, I have given your shoulders My Yoke to confuse the wise and disperse them, and show them that as long as they maintain their stand, I, the Lord, will not reveal Myself to them; and you, daughter, yes … stagger with bewilderment at My choice, for what man can say: “I have cleansed my heart, I am purified of my sin?” yet your persecutors, deaf to My Teachings, hope for something to use against you; I tell you solemnly, of all the children born of women, a lesser than you has never been seen; the wound on you, daughter, wounds Me too;

yes, all of this generation is adulteress … but I mean to save your generation like I saved you; even if I have to drag her out to the desert, and do unto her as I have done to you: 2 I shall expose her nakedness in her eyes, and at the first sound of repentance, I shall come flying to her as I came flying to you; then, in the presence of My angels, I shall sing to her My Song of Love; I shall turn her away from the path of delusion and grant her the grace of My Law; then I shall take her hand into My Hand to guide her back into My House, where I shall show to her all the Riches of My Sacred Heart; these Treasures, My Heart kept for the end of Times: to enliven this flickering flame about to extinguish into a Consuming Fire, to give light to those who live in darkness and the shadow of death;

– Vassula, My daughter, your persecutors will try to strip off you the garments I have given you and rob you of My Jewels! but I promise you to take away each hand that will approach you; I mean to end their debauchery and their misguidings; I mean to display a notice that will stand firm and forever: King of kings, the Lamb of God, the First and the Last, the Word of God, the Resurrected, the Christ, the Redeemer; to abolish and end their conspiracy against My Church, and their false teachings of My Word and of My Image; I am not speaking in metaphors now, I am telling you in plain words that they are conferring a title that does not belong to Me and is not Me; a false Christ, a lifeless image, a false god: subtly hidden under a false ecumenism … but I promise you, My child, that I shall prevail in the end; I will overpower these false teachers of your era and I will give you the hidden treasures of My Sacred Heart, putting on your tongue the language of My Cross which is Love, with all Its Mysteries and Miracles and Wonders!

then I shall remind My shepherds of the words “leadership and service”; I will command them that they should not be like great men, making their authority felt among the poor; no, anyone who would want to be great among the poor must be their servant, and anyone who would want to be first among them must be least, just as I came on earth not to be served but to serve, and to give My Life as a ransom for many;

– and you, little child, do not fear Me; 3 I shall keep My Light inside you, forever and ever! pray for the salvation and the conversion of your era;

I bless you; bless Me and love Me;

2 A purification like in purgatory. When I saw my sins with God’s eyes.
3 I was afraid Jesus was upset with me.