September 18, 1990

My Lord,
You who guard me from evil
and surround my soul with Your love Songs,
let Your Holy Face smile on all who love You.
Teach the youth of today to follow You and imitate You.
Show them the Treasures of Your Sacred Heart
and teach those who still do not understand and waver undecidedly
before this Holy Name You have chosen: Sacred Heart,
to learn that it is You, the Christ
let those who keep on differentiating themselves
because of theological terminology,
yet are under Your Holy Name,
come back to their senses
and realise how they encourage this Division in Christianity,
and how they are not doing Your Will,
but are granting Satan one more foothold to keep us apart,
thus weakening Your Church;
You are Jesus Christ, the Beloved Son of God and Saviour,
The Sacred Heart, The Word, The Alpha and the Omega,
The Light, The Redeemer, The Panto-Crator:
You are ONE Christ.
You are not parcelled out!
so I pray to You,
who want us to be united
to unite us again in love,
in heart, in our belief and practice.

this, My child, is what you are to teach them to believe and persuade them to do; but, My child, there will be those who will not listen, because of their self-conceit; these people lie heavily on My Heart, they lack humility and true Wisdom, they are only full of antagonistic beliefs of the knowledge which is not knowledge at all when it comes to judge, condemn, and argue about words, raising without cease questions; yet never realising that they are a prey to the Tempter; oh, My child, bear those hardships for My Sake, all these are not in vain: one day you will see the Light face to face … come and feast now in My Love and My Tenderness, repose your head on My Heart and listen to the calls of Love;

rejoice in Me, rejoice in My Splendour and My Riches; I have stored this Wealth for you, generation, to lead you to Me with chains of Love; and if you ask: “how long until this Wonder takes place?” I will tell you it is already taking place; My Footsteps have been heard by some of you; the Lord whom you are seeking, will suddenly come upon you; the One whom you are longing for, is coming; so I tell you, do not resist My Holy Spirit who will come now in full force to unwrap the death shroud which covers your nations, prohibiting you to see the Light; I will descend in full force with My Spirit, to unmask the deceivers and drive out the traders who infiltrated into My Sanctuary; turn your eyes to Me, generation, and see the Joy that is coming to you soon;

My Holy Spirit will descend in its fullness not only to save the wretches but I will descend also for judgement, to give sight to the blind and take away the sight of those who say they see; and from those who call themselves wise and instructed, I will confuse to the point that they would not know who they are and where they come from; I tell you solemnly, I will instruct the unworthy, and those whom you call foolish and contemptible, I will raise and instruct them with My Knowledge, turning them to devout pupils of the Truth, to shame those who hold back My Kingdom from them; I tell you: “the dead will be making their way into My Kingdom before you;” 1

My Spirit of Grace came to you at your doors but you did not want to believe in My Marvels nor in My Miracles and yet the ones you call contemptible and who are the rejects of your society, believed with humility, with fervour and with love; this is why I will bring back the sinners and raise the dead as columns of light, but to My sheer grief even after you will see these great marvels, you will still refuse to think better of it and believe in My present Divine Works; so I am telling you:

“My Kingdom will be taken away
from you to be given to a poor people,
a people who could not tell
their right hand from their left
and it will be to these wretches
I shall confer My New Name

(later on:)

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, 2 do not allow anyone to take away from you the gift I have given you;

Lord! forbid them to do this to me! By myself, I cannot do anything and I am limited, as You know!

do not fear, Vassula, My daughter; My enemies who are also your enemies, I shall overpower and My Teachings shall convert many more; see? how many times have I rescued you from the lion’s mouth? and how many times have I enlightened you, My child? and how many times have I shown you the Way? ah My Sweet pupil!3 have confidence in Me, rely on Me; ask and it shall be given to you;

come, evangelise with love for Love; earn souls for Me; desire Me, love Me, and trust Me;

ecclesia shall revive!

1 The ‘wise’.
2 Here, I was just thinking that probably I am the first Orthodox called: ‘Vassula of the Sacred Heart.’
3 Jesus was so full of joy as He cried out loud these words!