August 5 – 29, 1990


(The Ten Commandments)


I am; lean on Me, think of My Love;

I have walked on the Way to the Cross alone, of the men of My people not one was with Me; they hated Me for no reason at all; by force and by law I was taken; suffering and humiliation was the prize of My victory;

I have taken your faults on Myself and I allowed those very hands that I created to strike Me and disfigure Me, but through these Wounds you are healed … so bless those who persecute you, do not judge them, bless them and pray for them; today I am telling you this with tears in My Eyes: there are many who are behaving as enemies to Me and to My Cross; of all those who preach My Gospel, very few actually are working with Me and for My Kingdom;

My whole Law is summarised in a single command:


had they followed My Law and examined their conduct daily they would have discovered that they are not living according to My Commandments; and if they tell Me: “how is it that we are not following Your Commandments? how are we then to follow Your Commandments? can we teach Your Commandments if You say we do not follow them?” yet you are not following them because love is missing within you: the Crown of My Commandments is Love; to love is to live according to My Commandments; do not be like Cain who had no love for Me and simply out of spiritual jealousy cut his brother’s throat …

(When I understood what God’s intention was, to comment on His Ten Commandments, I feared that I would be unable to take everything down.)

O God, I will never be able to do it alone!

who told you that you are going to do this work alone? you shall write down every word I am going to tell you; do not hurry; I can dictate to you in sessions if you wish;

Lord, go according to my capacity!!

you forget My Capacity that can fill your capacity; come … share My Work to gain souls; do you understand My thirst? I am thirsty for souls, thirsty for your sanctity, thirsty for your reconciliation; I am thirsty, My dear children, for all that is Me and My reflection; I am thirsty to give you back your divinity; I am thirsty for a return of love; I am thirsty to renew your original source and alliance in My Holy Name; your original source that sprouts out of My Sublime Love;

I am thirsty for adoration, but behold, what have you become and what have you done! O era! you have stopped adoring Me and you have, instead, multiplied your false gods; you are not obeying My Commandments; no, you are not observing My Law; era of wretchedness, what have you become! you rarely invoke Me to adore Me; you do not call Me out of love nor honour Me anymore offering Me your services;

I have been calling you all the days of your life to remind you who your Heavenly Father is and to whom you are to turn to, but your heart is not set for Me, nor is your mind willing, because you preferred to cut off the navel-string that unites us and makes us one, to make out your own law and call yourself: godless;

taken by Vanity you want to consider yourself equal to Me; you are now saying: “I am equal to God and I am sitting on His Throne, because my wisdom has amassed great luxury and great authority over the world;” your skill in trading is such that a multitude of nations follow your example; yes, you followed indeed the primeval serpent’s advice who so cunningly made your ancestors eat the forbidden fruit, assuring them that they will be like gods; 1 you thought then you would open your eyes but in reality you turned blind and to this day you are struggling to cut off this Cord that gives you Life and Sanctity, thinking you will find your freedom; but what you find is Death;

O era of wretchedness! you are serving Folly instead of Wisdom, you are serving the dragon instead of your Holy One; you are not obeying My Commandments, no you are not observing My Law I laid down to you; you are incessantly putting Me to the test; your era, My child, is guilty of grave blasphemies because it is not keeping My Law; they are unmindful of My Commandments in which they can find Life if they observe them; nation after nation has deviated in all ten of My Commandments, adding blasphemy to rebellion; with the empire of the dragon, the black beast2 set up together with the second beast, alias the false prophet, blasphemous poles for themselves on every high hill and under every spreading tree, to conquer the world and blow out the little light that is left in it; on each one of its seven heads the beast made idols representing its own gods; these idols are placed, with the power of the dragon, into high places;

then they appointed priests out of their own number for the high places who officiate today in the heart of My Sanctuary; and they are not worshipping Me; they pretend to do so; they go out masqueraded as high priests, 3 worshipping and serving the beast itself and its production which is conformed to the world; they are worshipping alien and lifeless gods, just as their fathers once behaved in the past; they flout piety and repudiate My Commandments, My child; they go out to teach all nations to worship the image of mortal man,4 a worthless imitation, instead of My Eternal Glory … ah! how they5 lie heavily on Me! with the power6 given to them by the dragon, they summit their implacable hatred and spirit of revenge by making war against the saints and all those who are not in their clan, and who refuse to worship the statue7 of the beast;

so I tell you: blessed are those who believe in Me and worship Me; blessed are those who follow Me; blessed are those who believe that My Promise is on its way to be fulfilled; for on these, My Sigh of Love will be branded on their foreheads; I tell you truly: if a man serves Me, he must follow Me; 8 O era, do not be afraid to come back to Me; come back to Me while there is still time, for My Day is near and how will you face it?

it is said: you shall have no gods except Me, do not follow other gods, gods of peoples round you, but men have transgressed My Father’s first Commandment declaring their freedom openly by means and encouragements of the black beasts, upon whose heads will lie the blood of many;

do not call My Name in vain, is the following Commandment; now, arrogant nations are attacking My Holy Name; people to whom I mean nothing, with mouths full of blasphemous talk and ready with flattery for others when they see some hideous advantage in it, they curse My Holy Name when engaged in arguments, they blaspheme against My Deity and My Holiness; and those who officiate today in My Church, but are revolving around the beast’s power, boasting about their knowledge of My Law, are those very ones who are calling My Name in vain;

they are those who shut up the kingdom of Heaven in men’s faces, neither going in themselves nor allowing others to go in who want to; they ‘preach’ against stealing, yet they steal souls from Me; they ‘forbid’ adultery, yet they commit adultery themselves since they follow the black beast and are faithful to him;

they pretend to despise idols, yet they rob My Sanctuary; so if this generation blasphemes My Holy Name and uses It idly, it is because of the permissiveness, satiated in vice, given to them freely by these very ones garbed in black cloaks; 9 to destroy the roots of holiness and justice is their aim, and bring lawlessness to its zenith; generation … in My Return, would I have to say: there is not a good man left, there is not one who understands, not one who looks for Me?

– I have asked you to remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day, yet you have reversed It with impurity and sullied It with filthy enjoyments and the practices with which you dishonour your own bodies and minds since you have given up divine Truth for a lie and worship and serve creatures instead of serving Me; you have made Sodom and Gomorrah appear almost faultless and pure compared to your impurities; I tell you truly, on that Day it will not go as hard with Sodom and Gomorrah as with you now; most of you do not observe the Sabbath Day; no, you are not, you are not observing My Law …

scriptures say: “with all your heart honour your father, never forget the birth pangs of your mother; remember that you owe your birth to them; how can you repay them for what they have done for you?” 10 and you are to follow this Commandment: honour your father and your mother; why are so many of you surprised that so few follow this Commandment? foolish and wicked notions led these children astray into worshipping empty productions, filling their spirit from early childhood with a spirit of sluggishness; many parents have not given their children that everflowing Source of My Spirit; Wisdom was calling them day and night, but this generation barred Her out, and every day that passed, your children strayed further and further from the Path leading to Me; if any one, young or old, acknowledges Me as their God, they would reflect My Image, and out of love, would obey and honour their parents as they would be obeying and honouring Me; but all things that are conformed to the world have depraved these children from coming to Me; love is missing;

many parents are complaining of their children’s disobedience while they are doing exactly the same thing to Me; why, can they really claim to have abundant goodness, patience and toleration? had they really all these virtues their children too would have the virtue of obedience and would honour them both; but I tell you: this generation’s minds are empty and so Darkness came and filled them up; for the image of becoming a philosopher is more important in their eyes than My Eternal Glory;

then, their lack of holiness is consumed by passion and from early youth go out and dishonour their own bodies; your generation has flouted My Commandments and replaced Them with blasphemous imitations, and to this day out of the beast’s mouth come out evil productions to darken your children’s minds and draw them as victims right into the lion’s mouth; conquering their young mind to worship the first beast and serve man-made gods, giving them the honour and respect that was meant for Me, and thus reflect this virtue, on their parents;

I am telling you truly: for the unsubmissive who refused to take My Commandments for their guide and took depravity instead, there will be fire in the end for them; O happy the submissive in heart, they shall attain perfection; so I tell you: do not be unsubmissive to the Fear of the Lord –

you know I have forbidden you to kill, generation! if you call yourself Mine and call yourself part of My Church and you preach against killing, how is it you kill? do you presume to maintain that you are in the right and insist of your innocence before Me in the day of Judgement when you heap up crimes of unborn children? from Heaven I watch frightful sights; ah! how I suffer to see how the womb that shapes this child, rejects him and sends him to his death without a name and without regret; the womb that shaped him recalls him no longer; for these, I say:

“you may sharpen your sword, but the weapon you prepared will kill you; now you are not pregnant with child but with iniquity; you are going to conceive Spite and you will give birth to Mishap; you have dug a pit, hollowed it out, only to fall into your own trap! your spite will recoil on your head and your brutality will fall back on your head;” 11

and you,12 you who are reputed to be faithful to Me and hold firmly to My Name, I know all about you; yes, you are reputed to be alive and thriving and yet you are not, you are dead and decomposing; repent! I had entrusted you with souls beyond number; but the devil traded with you to exchange them for his gold and silver; yes, indeed! I know how you live now, you live like jackals13 in hidden lairs, 14 these lairs upon which I shall run an open highway; 15 I shall come suddenly upon you and expose your nakedness, and when the Day comes I shall not allow you to eat from the tree of Life; listen carefully: you preach against killing, yet you kill My Spirit; you boast about the Law, then disobey it because you have not understood the mystery of My hidden manna; no, you have not yet understood My miraculous feedings, nor the mystery of My Transfiguration;

I have promised you to keep you alive in the end of Times with My Celestial Manna; I said to My church in Pergammum: “to those who prove victorious I will give the hidden manna and a white stone – a stone with a New Name written on it, known only to man who receives it;” 16 I am today offering you this manna reserved for your times, a Celestial food, a nourishment of My Spirit for your starved spirit; I pour out My Spirit in its fullness to fill up your interior desert, and I am offering you My celestial manna, free, for this is the food of the poor … but you have not understood … so you refuse to eat it and forbid others from eating it; I have already inscribed My New Name on the “white stone” which will be known only to the poor; you claim to be humble and poor – yet you are neither humble nor poor – your spirit is enthroned in the riches of Satan;

– I am the Ruler of the kings of the earth and I have asked you not to commit any impure acts or adultery; adultery has been refined in such a way by Satan, that it lost its meaning both in ecclesiastical orders and in laity; My endurance in your sin has come now at its end; for those17 who sought Satan’s blasphemous powers and erected them as banners to efface My Divinity and My Holiness, and My Holy Sacrifice, I tell you: it is your fault that My Name is being blasphemed among the godless; you have sullied My Sanctuary by ordaining perverted men with degrading passions; tainted all alike, they do not fear Me; so if the godless today commit adultery and find it natural it is because of the great permissiveness in My Church given under the instructions of the beast whose aim is to falsify the Truth;

how is it you forget so easily that your bodies are members of My Body? I would like to see you free from perversion since your bodies are the temple of My Holy Spirit; I, your God, would like to see you live holy since I am Holy; creation! by acknowledging Me as your God you will be able to acknowledge My Law, and thus follow it, but many of you failed and now your corpses litter this desert … I have not commanded you to sin, so why use your freedom in a way that proves a pitfall for your soul? pray to Me so that I may forgive you, otherwise you would be a loser; marriage is to be honoured and kept holy;

I am the Lord, and I have called you to a life of devotion, of peace, love and holiness; I have called you to Myself forever, I called you to betroth you with My Tenderness and My Love; and not until you understand that you are Mine and My betrothed, will you stop sinning and committing adultery towards Me; I will not cease, for the sake of My Holy Name, to take all means to bring you back to your senses, even if I must drag you out into the wilderness and expose you there to My Sacred Heart and Its Fathomless Riches, to make you understand the nakedness and wretchedness of your soul; then, like a scroll, I shall unroll to you all My Knowledge so that you renounce your sin; I have the power to cure you, so come and repent!

My Holy Spirit asks you not to steal; if you call yourself Mine and if you know My Law and claim to be in the Truth, then why not teach yourself, you who ordained yourself as priest18 as well as others, not to steal? but you have allowed yourself to be bought and follow subtly the beast, who taught you to set banners of lawlessness; you are of the world and I have much to condemn you for; your tongue proudly claims that you do great things, good things, honest things, deceiving even the elect with your lamb’s mask; but I tell you: you do not deceive Me, because I know that behind your lamb’s mask, you hide a hideous catastrophe for mankind such as the world has never seen before: your aim is to abolish My Sacrifice19 and replace It by Iniquity and with a Lie;

you profess to be a Prophet to disown My own prophets; have you no fear to have your name blotted out of the book of life, since all you do is steal millions of souls from Me leading them to their death? – your miracles impress many today and even more on the day you will get rid of My prophets, overcoming them20 by your sword; now you have armoured yourself to the teeth to make war on them because their witnessing disturbs your ears, and their obedience to My Commandments even more; they have not followed you nor the beast, they are the ones who have kept faithful to Me and have never allowed a lie to pass their lips; 21 they are My Abels; in the eyes of the world you will appear to have overcome them, but your joy will be only for a very short time, because like thunderbolt I shall let My Justice overpower you; I shall descend to breathe again life in them, 22 raising them before your very eyes, as columns of light in My Sanctuary …

and then heaven will open and you will see Me, 23 and if you will ask Me: why are your rich garments stained with crimson? why are your garments red, your clothes as if you had trodden the winepress? 24 I shall tell you: I have trodden the winepress alone; of the men of My people not one was with Me; I have trampled upon My enemies in My wrath; they never ceased defying Me and provoking Me;

I have come to efface from the surface of this earth all human doctrines and regulations which were poison food to all of you and forced by the sword upon you, to defile My Divinity and My Holiness; this shall be the first battle of the end;

I Am: the Majestic Rider; 25 I Am: the Word;

if this earth mourns, pining away and its trees have no produce and their leaves are withering, it is because you are not obeying My Law; – have I not said: you shall not give false witness or testimony? yet from the core of My Sanctuary where lies the lance’s blade, 26 where among My Abels are the Cains too, this Commandment is not obeyed too; Cain’s appointed priests are sent out now to the four corners of the earth, not to bear witness on Me as the Resurrected, nor on My Sacrifice, but to condemn My Word by aping Scriptures, and to teach all nations a False Christ, under a false ecumenism, giving the world a portion of Rationalism and Naturism, a defiled food: a Lie; I tell you, they shall not prove victorious nor will they rule forever: Justice will prevail!

I shall not leave you to prosper forever since I know all about you and how by the power of the dragon you are appointing your own priests placing them into high seats to crush and overcome My own priests; I tell you: the time is almost over; I will drag you from your high seat to fall at the feet of My own priests, My saints and My angels, and make you admit that you are the slave of the beast … soon, very soon, I shall come to you like a thief, unexpected, and overthrow the Lie, your False Christ, and place back The Truth; I shall soon come to shatter this false image you are making out of Me, compelling every nation to honour it; 27 no, victorious you shall not be!

daughters and sons of Mine, you who err aimlessly in this desert, return to Me, repent! sin no more; I know you have many a time testified wrongly for lack of love, but you were not under your shepherd’s protection to be taught My precepts, because of your hostility towards Me; yet, in spite of your arrogance and your hostility towards Me, I cry out to you: I love you! and My forgiveness has been granted to you already; come back to Me as you are and I shall dress you with My Divinity; I shall give you back your divinity for the sake of My Holy Name;

– you want to testify? testify on My great Love and Mercy; you want to bear witness? bear witness in My Name: Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour; love one another as I love you; rejoice, you who have been given My hidden manna and have already received the Seal of My Love on your forehead;

– from Heaven I have commanded you not to covet your neighbour’s goods nor your neighbour’s wife, from laity to priests this Commandment has not been kept either; I have revealed My Love for every creature on earth with My Sacrifice, and through this Sacrifice gave you eternal life and My Message of Love; many of you preach love, forgiveness, humility, tolerance, holiness, over and over again, yet to this day many of you are ready to kill because you do not get what you want; you keep on throwing venomous arrows on each other, because you do not have what I have given your neighbour; from the time of My Abel to this day this sin is constantly repeated;

the first man to covet his brother’s goods was Cain, but how many more Cains are there today? and how many more Esaus? motivated by convenience and nothing else he gave up his birthright, falling into apostasy; why not follow Abel’s example and be holy? to love is to live holy and according to My Commandments; if you who praise Me night and day yet covet your neighbours goods, I ask you to repent! if you ask Me: “how am I coveting My neighbour’s goods, I, who consecrated My goods to You, my life and everything, how am I coveting his goods?” I will tell you: your spirit is coveting your neighbour’s spirit, and those very gifts that I have given his spirit; the devil has set a trap for your soul, do not fall! where do these wars and battles between yourselves first start in My House, if they are not mainly from spiritual jealousy? Cain wanted something and he did not get it, so he killed Abel; Esau wanted something and he gave up his birthright to get it; you have an ambition you cannot satisfy, so either you ignore your neighbour’s happiness to dissatisfy him, or you go out and are ready to kill;

I tell you truly: if at heart you have the bitterness of jealousy, or a self-seeking ambition, never make any claims for yourself or cover up the Truth with lies for wherever you find jealousy and ambition, you find disharmony, hypocrisy and tepidness; do not go on sinning, repent! and do not get influenced by those appointed by the false prophet and are members of Satan’s dwelling; do not listen to them;

I shall soon descend with My Throne among you, so come and repent while there is still time; come, you who waver and hesitate between good and evil, and who insinuate yourself into your neighbour’s house in order to get influence over silly women who are obsessed with their sins and follow one craze after another in the attempt to educate themselves, but can never come to knowledge of the Truth; 28 realise how pitiable you are to look at and do not misunderstand My reproofs; realise how I love you; work for My Glory and do not look to your left nor to your right; for if you look to your left you will behold ravenous wolves ready to pounce on you and tear you to pieces, and if you look to your right you will see a pit, dug up for you to fall into; be happy then, generation, with what I have given you and