January 30, 1989

My Lord? O Yahweh, how I love You!!

I am;

flower, I love you; My Spirit is upon you, feel My Presence; without Me you would have been still lying dead among the dead! I, the Lord of Mercy, have risen you, so that with My Message, I will resurrect this godless nation;

the days are fleeing, the hours are speeding away in tremendous speed too and My Creation is deaf! plunged in Obscurity, they do not listen, nor believe on My Merciful Signs! in My Love and pity, I have redeemed you and lifted you up to Me and cradled you in My Sacred Heart; I descend from Heaven, from My Holy Throne I bend, to reach this ungrateful generation, your hands still fresh with My children’s blood; blood because you refused to believe My Messages given at Fatima; you refused to believe then, Its urgency, and now you are repeating your errors, new blood will be shed because of your obduracy;

O My child, so many of My own are blinded with Satan’s smoke! My own rebel fearlessly, and without the slightest hesitation; sincerity is missing from them, I find no holiness in them either; I search for love and I find none in them; there is no justice to be seen and Wisdom has been replaced by Folly, abandoning them, because their tongues are forked, murmuring only treachery; these rebels have allowed Vanity to be their crown and Disobedience was accepted by them, becoming their sceptre; I find no peace in them, none; their way of thinking is not Mine; they are heading for the havoc and the ruin of My City;

O Cain! Cain? where is the Spirit with which I endowed you? are you heading for your own destruction again? I had known you violent since the day of your birth, and because you knew that this was not new to Me, here you come masquerading and dressed up as a High Priest; you have garbed yourself in My clothes, in gold and silver, to hide your dark-robes, given to you by the Black Beast; you have no light in you, and to hide your hideous face, you have placed a mask on your abominable face, so that your appearance can thoroughly deceive even My Elect; your mask cannot deceive Me, for My Eyes know that behind the lamb’s mask, you are hiding an immense destruction; you have armoured yourself to the teeth with Evil! and now you are scheming to conquer the world, to wipe out the little light that is left in them; your intentions are to increase lawlessness and extirpate all that is Holy, removing powerful men and monopolising My Sanctuary;

these, My child, are the Vipers I had shown you in a vision, creeping all over My Holy Sacraments and on My Tabernacle; he will deceive many and people will be blinded, blinded because of his impostor’s garments; these poor souls will be convinced that what they see before their very eyes and in their own era, is the High Priest Himself! with his glorious disguise, he will bring a Great Apostasy upon all My Church, he will bring desolation, but everything will be disguised by miracles, by great portents and signs in the skies;

My perpetual Sacrifice he will fling down, trampling on It and abolishing It, but all in disguise, in malice; My Holy City will be under Cain’s power, because they have rejected My Warnings; I have come to them unexpectedly, bare-footed, but they have scoffed at Me; Cain’s power will last just for a short time, thanks to My beloved souls who repair, who pray and sacrifice themselves; all this, I have taken in consideration and your sacrifices were not in vain; iniquity and transgression can be suppressed with your prayers;

Lord, what will happen to Your holy ones?

to My great sorrow, many will be deceived because of his appearance; because of his lamb’s mask, he will draw many to his favour, but I have allowed you to see in reality what his insides look like, they are those of a Viper’s, deadly …

Vassula, I will, with great thunder and with My Fire, overthrow this Rebel and all his followers; I will trample their shelter, since it was made out of Falsehood and bring into a heap of dust their refuge, since its foundations were made out of Lies;

I will then call My Abels and with great love embrace them; I will shelter them in My Sacred Heart, they will be like doves with purity and My Sacred Heart will be their cote; look around you, do you not see? have you not noticed, how many of My brothers are plotting against Me? I’m being betrayed, My child, by My very own;

Lord, why do they do this to You? Maybe they do not really realise it!

My child, they are blinded by Vanity and Disobedience;

They are sincerely thinking they are doing right!

how could they believe they are doing right since they are breaking My Law! they are disobeying, and disobedience does not come from Me! they are following My adversary’s law, they are placing their feet right into his foot-prints and they are led to their own destruction and fall! like the East wind I will scatter these rebels, just wait and see;

plead on their behalf; love Me and appease My Justice; glorify Me by bringing to Me souls for their salvation; My Eyes are especially upon the youth of this dark era; come, let us pray to the Father,

“O Father,
take pity on your children,
especially the young ones,
take these souls and place them under Your wings,
rescue them from the Evil one,
redeem them from the Lethargy that surrounds them,
fill them with Your Holy Spirit of Truth
and bring them in Your Light for ever and ever,

come, rest, My child, I shall never forsake you; they1 will not succeed to take away from you the Light I have given you; do not fear, I am with you;

come, us, we? My Presence?

Yes Lord, I love you to death.

1 My persecutors.