August 17, 1990

I come to You, my Yahweh, to ask You to forgive my sins. Lord, listen to my pleading, I know You do forgive us and overlook all our sins.

I forgive you, I forgive you rather than let My wrath strike you … desolate and uninhabited you were; you were famous for your desert; you were like a garden without water and I, like a watercourse running into a garden came to you to irrigate your soil; I saved you from the clutches of My enemy; the lion has left you and your land is a garden now, thanks to My Infinite Love and Mercy;

– I am your Saviour and Jesus is My Name; allow Me to write the following message for1 … I, the Lord, am before him, and I am setting fire and water in front of him; I have given him the liberty to choose; he can put out his hand to whichever he prefers; I note every one of his actions; I note down his conscious and direct sincerity towards Me and his conscious and direct insincerity towards Me; “hurry up and come to Me, and I will revive your flame: what little flame is left in you is dying fast! I love you with an eternal Love and My Mercy is Fathomless; you enjoy My favour;”

– many of you today say: let us drink, let us eat today, tomorrow we shall be dead; do not lie to yourselves … come back to your senses and face Me your God; to obey My Law is to love Me and anyone who lives in love lives in Me; I do not need philosophers and sages of your age, neither masters; I need weakness … poverty … simplicity … see? the days are coming where I will put My Law on your hearts;

I come in these days of Mercy to prepare the nations and remind them that I can purify your inner self from vile and dead actions which can lead you into eternal fires; – but this generation’s heart has grown coarse and although I am talking openly to the nations they will still not listen to Me; come, take your cross and follow Me, I shall bless each step you take;

(Later on, to the little prayer group:)

I have invited many to My banquet but very few are willing to come, 2 so I tell you: go to the poor now! go to the blind! some you will find dead but do not worry, I shall raise them; I have lifted you all and I shall lift many more; so go out to the poor and the sick and make sure to fill My House! let those who were first invited to My banquet yet refused to come be astonished to see the blind with their sight and the poor, rich with My Knowledge! and the dead, raised back to life!

thrive in My Riches and do not fade away! be constant and work for My Glory … children, efface your egoism; My Kingdom is very near you; be zealous and follow My Word; keep yourselves pure and learn to efface yourselves so that My Spirit breathes in you;

– I have chosen you, My angels, not because you are worthy but because you are poor and wretched; glorify My Name again by meeting to serve Me;

be active in all good works – I am with you all the time;

1 A Rhodian.
2 The little prayer group attempted many times to invite well known priests and archimandrites, even well-known monks, but each one had an excuse and showed no interest at all for the Lord’s messages. They were polite.