March 18, 1987

I have taught you to love Me and recognise Me; I showed you My heavenly works, pouring out all the mysteries of My Heart, and showing you My ineffable Mercy, purifying you to be the source of My revelations and showing the world My Grace; indeed, I have bestowed upon you all My insatiable love showing My children how much I can love them; 1 nevertheless, reminding you that you are not any different than the rest of them and that you are not to keep this guidance hidden;

I want My effusions to cover this world, for this is My will; Vassula, allow Me to act in you as I please;

come now and console Me, yes, by loving Me; I am Yahweh and it is on Me you are leaning and it is to Me you are coming to and meditating; you are invoking Me in your prayers, so do not worry since you are worshipping Me and no one else; 2

My wish is that all My children return to Me;

daughter, I have brought you up for this message; will you fulfil My word, Vassula? are you willing to continue working for Me?

Yes, my Lord, as long as I recognise it’s Yahweh.

little one, I am Yahweh! have My peace, little one, and grow; never weary writing; allow Me to use you until the end of My message;

little one, who is your father?

(I was surprised at the question.)

You are.

(Message to the world.) 3

I am; you are My seed, you are Mine;

My children have turned away from Me and their hearts are frozen with egoism; they have forgotten Me; I want to ask them; why do you repel Me, what have I done that displeased you? have I insinuated ever to you that I am angry towards you? why are you dreading to face Me? beloved, I will not blame you for your sins; I forgive you now; I will not shut the door in your face; I tell you truly that I can forgive a million times and with My arms open I stand before you, asking you to come to Me and feel this love I have to give you; let Me enkindle your heart; come and get to know Me; come, all you who avoid Me and fear Me; all you who do not know Me; come nearer to Me and you will understand that I am a God full of Love, full of pity and full of Mercy;

do not reject Me, before you even know Me; My superabundant love offers you an efficacious grace to know and choose between good and evil; I have given you freedom to choose, but I have also given you qualities to make out of you superior beings; I have given you gifts; use your gifts I bestowed on you and with your intellect and the heart I have given you understand and come forward, acknowledging Me and get to know Me better;

I have enlightened your hearts to enable you to love; I it is, who has given you this grace; would you accept this grace?

(I remembered myself of before.)

But Lord, some had no chance in knowing You, no one taught them, its not really their fault is it? So how could they possibly think even of You?

Vassula, how true!

daughter, My Church needs to be renewed; I have come to consolidate My Church; otherwise multitudes are bound to be lost; Vassula, I will come back giving a message to My devout ones; let Me complete My desires about My children who turned away from Me; I am the Source of Love and from this Source flows this Infinite Love which covers all creation; all I ask of you is a return of Love;

many of you believe I am a God who is quick to anger, and so fear Me; you fear to approach Me; others believe I am beyond reach and only enjoying My glory, never caring for you, and My eyes turned only upon My devout ones, thus making an image of a God full of predilection; did you not know that the weaker and the more wretched you are the more I seek you and love you?

I am Holy, but I also want you to understand that I desire to become intimate with you and have Me as your Holy companion;

do you know of the parable of the prodigal son, Vassula?

Yes, some of it.

he had sinned, but how did his father receive him?

With great joy?

more than that, he received him with great love, and celebrated this event;

grieve Me not, My beloved ones, and come back to Me; I will not refuse you; I will welcome you in My embrace; return to Me without fear;

1 I’m like a sample.
2 For those times that I worry that these writings are maybe not from God.
3 Editor’s note: this is a continuation of the message interrupted on March 8, 1987.