March 17, 1987

Vassula, will you bear My Cross now?

I do, according to Your will, Jesus.

feel; feel how heavy It is; I need to rest; follow Me, come nearer to Me, I will unburden My Precious Cross on you;

(Later on that day, I felt unspeakably distressed. Melancholic and now needing to be comforted, but not finding it.)

you have felt My immense burden on you; never refuse My Cross; My burden is heavy;

Vassula seek not why I elevate you to Me; 1 leave Me free to do with you whatsoever I want to until I come and deliver you; beloved, your guidance has its martyrdom, by seeking to find the truth in it and not finding it, it martyrs you; suffer for Me, suffering purifies your soul; immolate yourself to Me and do not seek to find; 2 just believe;

leave Me free to act in you, and through you manifest My Word thus healing My children; believe in My Redemptive Love;

My Cross is heavy, yes, I will come many more times entrusting you with It; You are My bride, My beloved and My flower; by bearing It for Me you relieve Me; within My revelations I breathe into you, there are embittering passions of sorrows, pains and sufferings which flow out from the very depths of My Soul; come and listen one more time to My Heart and feel how It lacerates; feel how It seeks you all!

(Then as if He could not take it any longer, with a cry which came out from that sorrowful Soul, from Its depths it came, like as if It was close to death from sorrow.)

creation! which My Father created by His own Hand, why, why do you give Me so much sorrow!!

(Then He turned to me, his face and tone very grave, saying:)

have you ever thought of Me before I came to you?

(Guilt.) No, I haven’t.

(Still grave.)

would you have come to Me if I had not sought and found you?

No, I don’t think so. (More guilt.)

now you love Me;

Yes, my Lord, I do.

My guidance has changed you, has it not?

Yes, it has. 3

will you muster My children and feed them?

(I felt helpless.)

My God, how could I, with what means?!

(I want to please Him, showing my thanks, but I can’t.)

trust Me; let Me guide you, Vassula; let Me muster My children; I know you are helpless; I know you are weak; you see, you cannot do anything without Me; now, will you let Me use you as My instrument until I have completed My Message?

Yes, as long as the Message will be from You, Jesus.

I am Jesus, never doubt; weary not of writing; every word My lips utter, will make you feel My wounds; I drag you down with Me in the dark dominion of My foe showing you how souls suffer; 4 I outpour on you all My sufferings that wound Me profoundly; My priest, for My priest you are, you will walk with Me; never will I abandon you; together we will share My Cross; together we will suffer; together we will strive; you will take your rest in Me and I in you;

1 God reminds me to accept what is happening to me.
2 I was trying to discover whether this is a real guidance.
3 There I really felt that I am nothing and it was not for my merits He approached me since in the very beginning I almost rejected Him!
4 When He showed me Hell.