March 19, 1987

I am here; it is I, Jesus;

Vassula, elevate yourself to Me; I want you to be perfect; delight Me and become perfect; are you willing to be perfect?

(I was speechless.)

I want you to be; I am asking you, Vassula;

But Lord, to be perfect is quite impossible. As I am, to be close to being good is already something for me.

Vassula, I will teach you to be perfect; I tell you truly that it is not impossible, but you must let Me mould you; abandon yourself completely to Me and I will form you into what I desire you to be;

Jesus I don’t think I can ever be. I’m difficult to mould, it will be like trying to mould a rock.

Vassula, ah Vassula, do you not trust Me? I am God and I can mould even the rocks into any shape I want; do you know why I have chosen you?

Yes, Lord.

here is still one more reason; I chose you because you are weak, and your weakness charms Me; child, come and feel My Heart, My Heart desires to be loved; come and feel My Heart with your mind; Vassula, are you ready? feel Me;

(I was petrified.)

grieve Me not, come and feel Me; you are not feeling Me; 1

No, I have not felt you; I had not the courage to do it.

will you tell me your problem?

It’s getting worse now.


(I felt embarrassed because I felt so unworthy.)

My embarrassment. I feel embarrassed to face You.

Vassula, why? grieve Me not and tell Me your problem;

I felt embarrassed to touch Your Heart. It’s like I saw myself as a leper coming to touch someone whole. who am I to approach You!

every time you feel embarrassed I love you more; 2 daughter, since we are united for eternity and you are Mine, I will allow Myself to penetrate deep inside your heart; marrying Me glorifies Me and purifies you; we are united;

Yes Lord, but look to what You are united!

I love you, come and lean on Me now; Vassula, feel My Heart;

(Later on:)

(I felt His Heart, which was very warm, and palpitating with the desire to be loved.)

you need not feel embarrassed feeling My Heart, I am Your God who asks you this; allow Me to use you like I wish; allow Me to kiss you;

(I got suspicious, thinking it’s evil trying to make me fall in sin.)

I am the Lord Jesus Christ; do not fear;

(I was still careful. Even though I had not felt evil around, still I was suspicious.)

do not fear;

(I could not ‘free’ myself, again this ‘leper’ feeling came on me. I did not move.)

do you know how much I love you?

Yes I do, Jesus.

why then do you refuse My kiss? 3

Because I’m not worthy of a kiss from You.

Vassula, have I not told you before not to refuse Me anything? and what have you answered Me?

That I’ll never refuse You anything.

Yes, why then refuse My kiss; Vassula, never refuse Me; if I ask you something it is out of love, allow Me to kiss you, allow Me to do it! will you let Me now? come to Me and feel My kiss, a heavenly kiss on your forehead, are you ready? 4

I love you;

1 In the sense of sensing His Love.
2 I understood later on that He felt pleased that I realised my unworthiness.
3 Much later on, after a few years only, when I got to know Jesus more, I understood that Jesus was teaching me to be intimate with Him, like St Gertrude and others.
4 Jesus kissed my forehead. He left me in an ecstatic state of mind. How can I explain it. For the following two days I felt hollow, transparent, like clear glass, He gave such a tremendous feeling of peace of the soul; my breathing seemed to go through my lungs and fill into my entire body, thus having this feeling of being air.