March 8, 1987

Vassula, beloved one, I want to remind you again that I am not favouring you from My other children; for your merits are none, and your worthiness even less in My eyes; but I love you even so; I gave you this Grace for this is My will; be My bearer and through you I will manifest Myself;

do not think that I am contradicting Myself; My love for you is boundless and you are My beloved one since I chose you; do not think for one minute, that because I point out your weaknesses I love you less, I am your Holy Father who knows you and if I do not point out your mistakes then who will? you are My frail flower which I form, letting you sip My Strength that you may grow, Vassula;

I want to remind you that the Revelations I am breathing in you are not just for your own benefit, they are meant for others too, who are in desperate need of My Bread; I come to feed all of you who are hungry; My Message is one of Peace and Love and to remind you of your foundations and who created you;

I come to tell you that My Body is My Church; yes, My Church which fills the whole creation; I come to show this world My Mercy;

you, Vassula, were one among those multitudes who wounded Me, who never responded to My Love, embittering Me; what is more embittering than receiving no response to a Love so thirsty and so great as Mine?

instead, in your wilderness you sought after daily material pleasures, symbolising them as gods, idolising them, alienating yourself even further from Me, embittering Me and wounding My Heart, a Heart of a living God so unsought and so unloved by you, a God completely forgotten; daughter, was I that far away from you?

come, come and feel My Heart, My Heart is crying out for you all; My sons, My daughters come …. come nearer to Me, turn to Me, allow Me to hold you, let Me thrust you deep inside My Heart and let It engulf you, giving you profound Peace;

come and enter My Spiritual World of Peace and Love;

come to Me and eat from My Body for My bread is pure and will purify you; My Body cries out for you; come and see Me, I who spend day and night at the Tabernacle, waiting for you to feed you; do not dread or fear Me, do not disown Me; why refuse Me a place in your heart?

come and get to know Me and you will love Me; for how could you love someone you do not know, or know only imperfectly? endeavour to know Me well and you will love Me fervently;

Vassula, you had gone astray and thus detached yourself from Me; you turned away from the Truth, transforming good into evil and being attached more to evil rather than good;

come then all those who still are evading Me and bring forth your sins, that I may pardon them; come and eat from Me, come and empty your hearts to Me and let Me fill them up with Love;

I know you are weak but allow Me to act in all of you; give Me your consent, beloved ones; let Me uproot all your iniquities, casting them away and sow in you My seed of Peace and Love; let Me purify you; Vassula, do no more, I will continue later on;

do not forget My Presence; remember, always, us, we;

I will remember. I will try, Lord.

let us go;

Let us.


come and get to know Me, I am not beyond reach; we walk side by side, you live in Me and I in you; we are never parted, never;

come and derive from My Infinite Goodness and let your inclemency dissolve in My Purity;

O daughter, in spite of having many of My beloved children made holy by Baptism there are only very few who know Me as I am; they forget to look upon Me as a loving Father, many of them leave Me, thinking that I am beyond reach; many of them think of Me in their own manner, attributing permanent feelings of despicable inclinations; some think of Me only in fear others doubt of My Infinite Love; 1

(Here I was interrupted: the photograph I ordered of the ‘Holy Shroud’ arrived. I contemplated it and came back to writing while I was looking at it.)

remember, I am still suffering; Vassula, how embittered I am; why, why are so many of My sheep scattered; look at them, was it in vain My sacrifice; daughter, how displeased I am, how utterly shattered My Soul is; I suffer;

feed My sheep; weary not of writing;

No, Lord, I will not weary.

I will give you the Strength you need; come, let us work; let us continue; I am your Teacher; fill Me with joy and do not forget My Presence;

Vassula, you felt my Presence; indeed, I was sitting at the corner of your bed; let Me edit2 what I wrote; “it is I, Jesus, I am sitting now, but at this very instant I will arise since you too will arise;”

(He hardly finished writing when the door knocked urgently and I jumped up. I stood there quite perplexed. Jesus was emphasising His Presence to me that evening very much. It was so much (like some other times) that I took a piece of paper to check and he wrote the above paragraph. (At the door was my bearer telling me something.))

I love you; weary not writing; giving Me this freedom3 is what I desire;

Jesus, You are Wonderful!

be always cheerful when I am cheerful; follow Me;

you will grieve Me if you forget My Presence; never forget My Presence, never!

But Lord, it is difficult, sometimes I have to drive my car, I have to concentrate on the road, I converse with friends on trivial subjects, I help my son in his homework, so how could I constantly have Your Presence in my mind, it’s almost impossible!

Vassula, My flower, when you are in that way you only have to remember the virtues, by being humble, devout, gentle, graceful, truthful, loving; yes, being virtuous is remembering Me; come, let us go;

I wish to make it known to you that I do approach in a supernatural way giving My Messages; do not forget that I am God of Mercy and in spite of your wretchedness and the indifference you had towards Me, I love you; I gave you this charism so that you learn directly from My lips; Vassula, resting in your heart feels good;

(Later on:)

(Again, the wave of doubt covered me.)

come, suffering purifies you; lean on Me, accept to suffer; amend, amend, amend for others; come, let us revive all My children;

(There, I became quite distressed!)

But, my God, I am helpless, how could I do anything?

(He said very softly:)

will I ever abandon you? use My grains and sow them into fields, yielding the fruits of Peace and Love; let My Word be known to all; I will be with you all the time;

Suppose they refuse It and put it aside, doubting about It? Suppose they think it’s no good, suppose they do not believe it’s You!

hear Me, My Vassula, why are you fearing? all of My creation was done by My Hand, have you forgotten that I am Omnipotent? all My creation obeys My Will; little one, I am the Most High; do Glorify Me; be like a flower needing My Light to live;

1 This message continues on March 18, 1987.
2 Jesus uses my language; for we know from St Teresa of Avila that ‘God adapts Himself’ to His chosen one’s language.
3 Of using me.