July 27, 1990


Explain to me, my Jesus,
how to respect and follow Your Law
and how to observe Your Commandments.
Guide me in the path of Your Commandments,
I mean to meditate on Your precepts.
Forgive my faults and sins.

peace be with you; before you uttered a word I have already forgiven you; 1 if it was not for My Infinite Mercy, beloved, you would have already felt My Justice upon you, since all that you have is wickedness and misery;

come … do not watch Me from a distance … come to Me, closer, I cherish you like the pupils of My Eyes; praise Me, My beloved; praise Me for My Name is Holy;


(One of the monks I met was shedding tears when I explained to him how Jesus suffers.)

come and place your ear on My Breast, My son, and hear My Heartbeats; every Heartbeat is a call for a soul, a supplication for a smile, a thought … shed your tears not on Me, My son, but on your brothers, your sisters, who are dead and decomposing; not on Me, My son, not on Me … pray for them that My Father sends them My Spirit of Understanding; how else are they to convert?

Vassula, give them the prayer your Holy Mother has given you and I ask them to pray this prayer daily;

come, Scriptures are being fulfilled … I, the Lord, am building incense altars, on altars that were to be but have lain waste, because there was no one to handle them or light them;

1 Jesus understood my intentions.