July 22, 1990

(Message from Our Holy Mother.)

peace be with you, beloved children; I am your Holy Mother speaking and I already thank you for coming here to hear Us; open your hearts and understand every Word We are telling you;

Jesus gives you His Love and His Peace; He guides you to Salvation and I am sent by Him to prepare the road for His Return; I come to open the way again for Him; do not be surprised, little ones; I know it is hard to live in wilderness but I come to you in many nations to prepare you; I am schooling you in rules of righteousness to set you free; ask the Lord to guide your steps in the path of His Commandments; let your love comfort Him, let your love console Him, be His Balm; feel loved by Me; feel loved by My Son;

today I am calling the sick telling them: My child, do not be depressed; I, your Holy Mother love you, but pray to the Lord and He will heal you; cleanse your heart from all impurities by repenting, then open your hearts to God and He will shower you with His Love; pray without cease;

do not slumber, pray with your heart and be like roses in the days of spring, like a bouquet offered to the Most High; let your prayers be like blended incense reaching His Throne; let Me remind you what the Most High is longing for: your heart, offer Him your heart and allow Him to be your Guide on the road I am preparing for you;

My children, Love is at your doors; praise the Lord and love Him; God is love; I bless you all; I also bless all those who are confined in a prison, towards them I send flowing peace like a river in their heart;

Vassula, be patient; My Son, Jesus, loves you to tears of affection; never doubt; feel His love; end your day always by praising Him, have My Peace; we, us?

Yes, Holy Mother, we, us.