July 28, 1990


Jesus, I am caught in a cloud of lethargy, and I do not seem to come out of this lethargy. I am a poor wretch …

I know, but why do you not ask for My help? and why do you look elsewhere? if you turn your eyes towards Me you will see My Light and I will grant you the things you ask for; you are poor but I can provide you; I suffice to say: grow! flourish! and within your desert I can make rivers flow; child, do I ever abandon you?

No, my Lord, never.

then why was it that you failed to believe in My Presence? 1 do you not realise that I have been in constant search of your eyes? I have made you My bride have I not?

Yes, You have, my Lord.

then look at Me now and then; this is your due! listen, Vassula, I do not need you; as you know, I suffice by Myself; I have told you several times that I am Omnipotent but I love weakness because My Power then is at its best;

little one, I am with you every day, every hour and every second of your life, I am always among you … remember, I am with My Mother;

Yes, my Lord.

repeat after Me again: we, us, forever and ever;

1 When I had seen Him with the eyes of my soul, that afternoon.