April 24, 1990

I rely on Your Love,
let Your love rest on us,
let it live in us as never before.

beloved one, all that I have given you was to draw you closer to Me and adapt you to being with Me; I have given you this grace because it pleases Me; I wanted to comfort you; this, My child, is for your salvation and I shall remain near you in this way till the end; you are My altar and I want My altar pure; I want to fill you with My ardent flame: My Fire, My Holy Spirit;

it was, daughter, only yesterday that I had found you caught and ensnared by the evil one, and today see? you are free; I, your Saviour, freed you and not only have I freed you, I have also given you Life; you were imprisoned and I have liberated you, you were naked but I have adorned you majestically, you were barren but I have prospered you and flourished you; your knee had never bent to praise Me nor worship Me your Lord, yet I bent all the way to you to reach you and anoint you, blessing you; I had never heard your voice acclaim Me nor had I seen you in My House, coming consciously for Me, yet I came all the way to your house, in your room, to let you hear My Voice; I sang a song of Love to you, so that you in your turn go out to the nations and teach them My Song;

I have dispelled your faults like a cloud, your sins like mist, rejoice then in My Presence, soul! I shall continue to show to humanity My great Love and Mercy through you so that they may at last believe that it is I, I am LOVE; this is how I shall summon My people and surround them with My Love – I shall be to them like a wall of Fire surrounding them and I will be their glory in their midst; come, My Vassula …

O God, how I love You!

these words are like flashing jewels of a diadem … yes, love Me your God; follow My first commandment without nevertheless neglecting the others;

rest now, without forgetting My Presence, we, us?

Yes, my Lord. We, us, forever and ever.

I bless you, bless Me too;

I bless You, my Lord, and I thank You for all that You are giving me.

(This was a message given to a Russian Orthodox friend of mine, concerning Russia.)

(…) I will give Russia My Restoring Peace; an everlasting covenant shall be sealed by Me; like a shepherd rescuing his lambs from the wolves’ mouth, so will the sons of Russia be rescued by Me; I intend to raise her and make her holy, and make out of her sons, holy men, who will teach incorruptibility, for within her My Spirit shall be living and shall govern her with holiness and justice (…)