April 13, 1990

(Holy Friday – Message for all those who work and diffuse these messages.)

peace be with you; I am the One who stimulates My instruments; cease worrying, I am beside you, My child;

Lord? Invade me.

I shall, if you let Me; make space for Me; I love you; do you realise that through Me, My Message shall be known; I hold the keys to all doors; if there is any hindrance remember that I allowed it for My Glory; be subtle with My Work and this I say to everyone whom I have chosen to spread My grains, those that fail Me shall be replaced;

be clever as snakes but harmless as doves; fear no one; be alert to the dangers; confide to each other, share with each other, remain all of you in My Love; remember you have not sought Me, it is I who chose you and it is I who formed you, transfigured you and made you zealous; I have given each one of you a task so that you go out and bear fruit; it is I who have commissioned you for this work;

I love you and I shall guide you till the end; persevere until the end; do not sleep to give Satan a foothold, stay awake; rest when you must but do not neglect My Work, do everything you can and I shall do the rest; I am the Door and no one can enter into My Kingdom unless he passes through Me;

Please Lord, name these people you are talking to.

Vassula, everyone who carries My Word carries My Light, I have chosen them and they know themselves; I bless you all, all you who diffuse My Message;

Vassula, My lamb, I always knew you weak and this is why I have chosen you; weakness attracts Me; My Power is at its best in weakness; trials you shall always have, but these are for your growth; I want you strong, I want you to be able to face difficulties with prudence; I want you to glorify Me;

so My Vassula, do not allow the serpent to tempt you; he is prowling near you and trying desperately to make you fall; be alert always; I am with you and I shall sustain your falls; pray without cease so that the tempter has no opportunity to approach you, this is My recommendation: pray, pray, pray and remember always My Presence; fast, confess and adore Me; eat Me and drink Me; repay evil with love and rejoice for all I am giving you; ahh Vassula … delight Me and stay small;

Lord, crush me if you must but keep me small.

I shall keep you small … take now My Hand and let us climb;
I, Jesus, love you all; remember I am the Resurrection;