February 9, 1990

(Message for Sion, Convent des Capucins)

peace be with you, all I ask from you is love; beloved children, it is I, your Jesus, who was giving you so many Messages to remind you of My Law, to remind you who I Am; if you make My Word your home, your soul shall be lifted to Me and you will reach Me; come to Me before your spirit fails you, come and reflect on all that I have been giving you, come and ponder on My desires; seek Me, be thirsty for Me; come and meditate on all that I have given you and take My Words to heart; I desire that you actively put everything I have given you into practice and treasure them;

ah beloved children … if you only knew how My Sacred Heart is Wounded every time one of you postpones for later on My Desires … if you only knew what I have been and am offering you, your joy would be complete; praise Me, your Saviour, day and night, praise Me for feeding you by My Own Hand; I have listened to you from above, and so I came to your help, will you then not listen to Me? accept and submit to My Teachings and My Desires which, like seeds, I have planted in you; so do what I, your Saviour, ask you and do not just listen to My Messages and deceive yourselves;

beloved ones, you whom My Soul loves, I tell you solemnly that I desire prayers coming from the heart; I desire you to pray for all the bishops and priests, I desire you to listen to all the teachings of those who represent Me; I desire you to fast and do penitence; I desire you to receive My Holy Eucharist as often as you can; I desire you to go for confession at least once a month; I desire you to read daily a part out of Scriptures; I desire you to repair for others by sacrificing; I desire them to pray the Rosary and, if possible, all three Mysteries; My goal is to bring you back to divinity and live holy for I am Holy; these are My Principles; I desire your abandonment daily;

I am the Source of Love and you can all draw from My Heart to give this Love to others; then I want you to learn to adore Me and to remember My Presence constantly; My Presence is also a Mystery; you should always remember that you are NEVER alone, I am always with you; reach perfection … let this dry land prosper … I am not asking you things unknown to you nor out of your capacity; I am asking you all that is holy and all that I have is Holy; My Body is Holy, so come and eat My Flesh and drink My Blood for whoever comes to Me I shall not turn away; I am the Bread of Life;

pray so that the evil one may not deceive you; do not let My Eyes grow dim with grief; proclaim My Love on the roof of your houses, proclaim that My Love is more delightful than wine; I shall remind you that you all have a Father in Heaven who loves you infinitely and His Name is like myrrh pouring out of Him to anoint you and bless you, His Name is: Love;

I bless each one of you leaving My Sigh of Love upon your forehead; Love loves you and is with you every single day; be one;

(Our Holy Mother’s Message:)

peace be with you;

My beloved children, do as the Lord asks you to do; pray for My other sons and daughters who are far from Us, pray for their conversion; seek always what is holy;

be like sunflowers who seek and turn towards the sun following the Light; look on what the Lord is offering you and praise His Holy Name; approach, all you who desire Him to be so near you, and take your fill of His Fruits; God is your Creator and He can be your Educator too;

do not cease praying when everything goes well for you, pray even in your joy; come and praise Him, come and exult Him; God is your Guardian too, depend on Him and He shall never fail you, for His Light is your Guide in the darkness; observe His Commandments, beloved ones, be docile in the Hands of your Father; be fervent to take Wisdom as your Educator and Guide, grow in Wisdom, grow in the Lord’s Spirit so that you may be in peace and in perfect union with the Lord;

one more advice for today: follow the path of Faith, keeping the Law; please live Our Messages, meditate on Our Messages; realise what great joy Jesus and I have teaching you; but Our joy will be at its fullest the day you shall overcome completely your lethargy and abandon yourselves entirely to God, trusting Him;

I bless each one of you; remember Our Holy Presence, do not leave Us behind … pray, My beloved children; fill your days with Love’s Presence;