February 13, 1990

(Tuesday – today while praying the rosary with (…), and while we were on the fourth mystery, the carrying of the Cross, I suddenly went into a sort of rapture. I lost my voice and had to whisper and every word I pronounced came out of me with great difficulty. I found myself in the Passion sharing Jesus’ sufferings. While on the fifth mystery, the Crucifixion, I seemed to go slowly out of it again. When it was over, I felt heavy and my speech and movements were slower than usual, my spirit still under His agony.)


I am; dearest soul, My agony is great, let Me share it with you; make My heaven in you; bless Me; Love loves you, peace upon you, look at Me … are you willing to go through My Passion? are you willing to sacrifice more?

I’m willing to do Your Will.

then I and you shall share greater things; Vassula, eat little today and tomorrow fast strictly; please Me and devote your day for Me; do no more writing for now; I want you to remember My Presence fully today;

I love you and I bless you; we, us, remember? pray;